Genesis 31:34 – 35
34 Now Rachel had taken the images, and put them in the camel's furniture, and sat upon them. And Laban searched all the tent, but found them not.
35 And she said to her father, Let it not displease my lord that I cannot rise up before thee; for the custom of women is upon me. And he searched but found not the images.

Genesis 35:16,19
And they journeyed from Bethel; and there was but a little way to come to Ephrath: and Rachel travailed, and she had hard labour.
And Rachel died, and was buried in the way to Ephrath, which is Bethlehem.

Here is the tragedy of a woman who stole graven image, sat on the same and died a strange death during child birth.
When Joseph, her first son was crowned in Egypt, when Jacob (her husband) was invited down to Egypt, Rachael was not there. In the days of the glorification of her son, her position was empty:
In the name of Jesus your position will not be empty.

When God deems it fit to lift up your household and give your family a new song your position will not be vacant.
It is obvious from the scriptures that sin is killer. It destroys without remedy.
Rachael stole a strange god into the household of Jacob and sat on it. What she sat on inside the tent killed her during child delivery.
How can you be with the covenant children and still be working against the covenant. Wont he corrupt you with flatteries as He said in His word?
Daniel 11:32
And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries…

Can you notice that Rachael never confessed to that sin? See, what you are sitting upon today, may unseat you tomorrow.
What you are hiding today may block you from your position tomorrow.

Numbers 32:23(NIV)
But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the Lord, and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.

Judas, a disciple, chosen by the Lord as an officer among the disciples was secretly stealing the money of the team. At the end however, what he was sitting on, grounded his ministry, ruined his future and ultimately killed him,. If God did not spare the angels that sinned, He will not overlook your hidden offense for too long. It’s better to go to God and set yourself free.

What of Samson? Everywhere he appears, he seems to be involved with one woman or the other. Go and check your Bible, he’s always around women! And before long what he sat on put him into bondage, brought shame to him, stole away his sight and strength and eventually killed him.

The question I want you to address is this: What are you sitting on?

Judas’ position among the twelve became empty because of what he sat on.
Rachael, sit of honour was vacant (when Joseph ascended the throne) because of what she sat on. Samson throne became empty because of various immoral relationship he was sitting on! What are you sitting on?

Jeremiah 23:24
Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord.

You cant hide anything from the eye of the all seeing God. Is it not better to expose yourself to God and repent before your position is declared vacant.


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