Text:Gen 38:24-26,27-30
Destiny is no funfair, it is warfare. It is not a rehearsal. It is the final race. There is no re-run, there is no second leg.
In our major text we read of the story is of 2 kids struggling for manifestation,struggling to come out of the womb. Pharez won.You will win.There are some points I will like to highlight from the story 

*Pharez had a contemptible background, yet he was unstoppable. His background didn’t stop him. Your background is not solid enough to put your back on the ground.
Family problem do not need to translate to destiny trouble.
Charles Swindol said: Life is 10% what happen to me;90% how I react to it
If you can’t do something about a problem it is not a problem it’s a fact of life.You must be wise enough to know what you can change and what you can’t change
Remember the Parable of the talents – the man with one talent didn’t want to accept the fact of life.He was comparing himself to others and complaining about 'just one talent' 
*Pharez had a competitive spirit.
If you want to excel outrun your neighbor.
 2 men were taking their bath by the river side. A bear came running towards them and they ran.After some minutes the bear ran toward another direction and stopped following them.While the two men were sure they were saved,one of them asked the other;”do you really think you can outrun the bear?” And here was the answer….. I don't need to outrun the bear,I only need to outrun you.Once the bear is busy with you,I am saved! 
*Pharez was violent.
Breakthrough will not come by gentility and dumbness.You are meant for the high table, you must get out of the crowd by force.
You are born for the duplex, don’t perish in the boys’ quarters.
In Gen 26:12-14-22;Isaac pursued purpose with violence.
According to Deut 2:1-3;the first port of call of the children of Israel was defeat but they continued.
The kingdom of God suffereth violence.Don’t be tired. Ezekiel received series of instruction before the dead came to life.It was not the first instruction that did the miracle. 
*A knockdown is not a knockout
Pharez was not the first to be recognized, not the first to come out but he became the first.That you were once defeated does not mean   you are a failure                                                                                                                                                                
Don’t laugh at me, I may not have the bangles of the midwife, but I am coming out first.
Its true my partner knocked me down...but I am not knocked out yet.
Knowing that I am not knocked out...let no one count me out!
Pharez fought in the womb and won,as you get set to fight and continue fighting,you will win.
I see your story changing for the better.I see your destiny manifesting in Jesus precious name.


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