Living in abundance without living a productive life is nothing but magic. In this kingdom, you may expect miracles but don’t wait for magic.
Your gain in life depends on your sales.
If you have nothing you are releasing, you will have nothing you are realizing.
From this point, let me tell you that to be productive you have to understand that you can be productive.
Genesis 1:28 says Be Fruitful!
If there is no ability to be fruitful in man, God will not issue that command. You must therefore accept personal responsibility to utilize your potential and be productive.
The first lesson God taught Adam was responsibility:
1)      God brought all animals and said name them.
2)      He put him in a garden and said dress it.
3)      Then He gave him, a woman and said take care.
Adam’s life would have been a waste without responsibility; he would have decayed out of idleness.
Friends your life should not get rotten away: accept responsibilities.
Accept Responsibility for Self – Discovery:
Ask yourself what can I do? What is inside me? Convince yourself that you are not empty. Discover yourself.
Without discovery there is not distinction. That widow in II Kings was asked an important question. II Kings 4: 1- 2
What is in your house, what is in your tabernacle, what are you carrying?
The key to your plenty is hidden in your potential.
 Inside your house, there is something to market.
In Matthew 25:14: the parable of the talent, everyone has his portion. Convince yourself that you have what it takes to enter permanent abundance without stealing and accept the responsibility of discovering it.
Every seed that is put into the soil accept responsibility of shooting forth and once its shooting forth, no matter how hard the ground is, it gives way!
Accept Responsibility for Self Development Matthew 25:14-17
The servants were given the goods by the man, they used their own initiative to trade. You have something in you that must grow. You  must feed it by acquiring the knowledge and the skill.
If you need to undergo apprenticeship do it. One of the enemies of productivity is inferiority complex. And this is destroyed if you develop yourself.
Accept Responsibility for Impact
You can be encouraged to be productive, but it is you that must take the step.
You must take practical steps or you won’t see presentable results.
There is no impact without attempts. There is no effect without efforts
You can’t make a mark without being on your mark/ Begin to try things. Don’t fold your hands.
Don’t be slothful
Slothfulness means sleepy approach to issues of life . It does not mean lack of strength, it means lack of steps.
According to Proverb 19:15  Slothfulness does not look like a big affliction, it comes and destroys silently.
Proverb 6:10-11: it’s a little, a little, a little, then suddenly poverty and lack comes in.
Slothful people will end in regret, they will beg in harvest because they didn’t wake up to labour.
Vital signs of Slothfulness
1)     Assumption: The slothful always assume that one day some good things will come.
2)     Believe in luck:    Those who celebrate luck must accept lack
3)     Lack of self – value: The slothful always feel inadequate, either because of money or connection. The little he can do he won’t do. Self-value determines public value.
4)     Love of relaxation and rest: Proverbs 20:13 … love not sleep. Sleep is a rehearsal of death. The closest thing to death is sleep. So when you give yourself to too much sleep you are practicing death.
The only place where the body will rest completely is in the grave.
That’s why they put RIP. Please stay away.
When you sleep, everything slips out of your hand. Can a dead man hold money? When you sleep, can you see anything passing?
5)     Excuses. Prov. 22: 13, 20:4
6)     Procrastination
        You are created to be fruitful. Fruitfulness is your inheritance


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