In 1744,John Wesley was addressing a set of people who were to assist him in the work of the ministry. He gave them 12 Rules…in concluding that memorable address he said: “You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work. And go always”

The church’s major assignment is summarized in Matt.28:18-20; ( GREAT COMMISSION). We are to always be on the GO! “The church is not supposed to be a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners.” Luke 14:23 (CJB)The master said to the slave, ‘Go out to the country roads and boundary walls, and insistently persuade people to come in, so that my house will be full. 

I.             The Lost Art  Of EVANGELISM, Rom 10:14;2Tim.3:2;Matt.24:12

The zeal for evangelism is fading. Churches prefer to print handbills than to print tracts. Pastors prefer to buy cars,build houses, and decorate structures than to reach out. A lot of believers do not know how to present the gospel message to a sinner while a lot of pastors prefer to grow members than to seek converts. Many are ashamed of personally presenting the gospel while a lot now think ‘evangelism’ old fashioned. True! You cannot use Adams method in Solomon’s era…but the word of God that commanded us to GO has not changed. For a local church to grow,for the universal church to expand we must go and preach the Word of Salvation wherever  the sinners are. No other business should thrill the heart of a New Testament minister than  evangelism. Winning the lost is a task that must be done; failure to carry it out carries great consequences.

II.           The Consequences of Neglecting EVANGELISM

Sinners cannot get saved without the preaching of the gospel. It is our duty to preach to them. The implication of neglecting evangelism includes (1) the loss and waste of ripened harvest, (2) requirement of sinners’ blood from negligent ministers (Ezekiel 21; 33:1-16), (3) loss of soul-winners’ reward (Daniel 12:3; Proverbs 11:30), (4) spiritual decline, lack of revival and stunted growth of local churches.(5)Transfer growth instead of Conversion growth ,which will be accompanied by its attendant problems (6)When a lot of members are not disciples, rebellion will be on the increase

III.         The Methodology Of Evangelism. Acts 8:5-13,John 6:9; John 4:5-7

There are diverse ways of getting good news across to the dying world. All you need to do is to know all the possibilities and thereafter open up yourself for direction of the Holy Spirit. Here are various types of evangelism you can be involved in. Crusade Evangelism, Media Evangelism, Literature Evangelism, Need Evangelism, Drama/Film Evangelism, Praise Evangelism, Street meetings, Power Evangelism, Pulpit Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, Friendship Evangelism, Prison Evangelism, Hospital  Evangelism &Prayer Evangelism

IV.         The Relevance Of Evangelism To The End Time Revival: Hosea 6:2,Matt.25:5-6

In the prophetic calendar of God, a revival must usher us into the second coming of Jesus. Though revival is God sovereign act…before that happens we cannot be silent. We must diligently obey God’s Word as evident in Matt.24:14.It is gross irresponsibility for us to be talking about the Second coming continuously when some are yet to hear of the first coming!


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