Text: John 10:10
Jesus did not come to save us from hell only; He came to give us fullness of life in the present world. God is a good God who wants to bless the people spiritually, physically and economically.
If you are not enjoying the fullness of divine blessings, it is never His fault.
The underlisted points will help you to enter into abundant life.

1.       Be sure that you have entered a special relationship with God through the new birth.
Until you become a genuine child of God, it is not possible for you to enjoy the benefits of redemption.
2.       Have a joyful approach to life, avoid sorrow of heart, complaining and murmuring. Isaiah 12:3, Psalm 118:24, Phil. 4:4. Act happy even if you are not.
3.       As much as possible be at peace with all men. (Roman 12:18, Heb 12:14). You are not to harbour unforgiveness or bitterness. Don’t keep malice or nurture hatred.
4.       Treat others gently, not harsh or critical. Everyone you meet today is a potential V.I.P., don’t be wicked under the guise of being strict. Let your graciousness be known to all. (Matt. 7:3–5).
5.       Pray to God like your father, ask Him simply and humbly whatever you need according to His will Phil. 4:16, Luke 11:9
6.       Be sure that the presence of God is with you always. Do not do anything to grieve the Spirit of God. Don’t go to any place where Jesus wouldn’t have accompanied you to.
7.       Open your mind to the wisdom of God.
Divine wisdom will open any door, secure wealth generation ideas and put the host of hell to permanent shame. Let your mind be ready to receive from heaven always. Eph. 3:10-11, Psalm 104:24, Prov. 8:1-2, 17-18


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