Demons are  angels who decided to follow Lucifer the archangel in his insurrection against God.  They could therefore be safely called “the fallen angels”.  (Rev. 12:4,7-9).
    Jesus personally called some beings angel of the devil (Matt. 25:41) while the Pharisees even in their religious ignorance recognize the existence of demons/devils (Matt. 12:24).

The Nature of Demons:
1.    They are evil.  There are no good demons.  In fact they carry out the wishes and commands of Satan their master.  (I Sam. 10-11). 
2.    They are intelligent and wise (I King 22:22-24).
3.    They have knowledge and feelings Acts 19:15, Matt. 8:29.
4.    They are spirit beings without body, Lk. 24:29 they are rather very desperate to live in a borrowed body.
5.    They have miraculous powers and can deceive. (Rev. 16:13-16).

Where Does Demons Live?
1.    Principally demons live in the air above the earth (Eph. 2:2).
There are three heaven in the least.
(a)    The first heaven – the air space around us.
(b)    The second heaven – this is where Satan reigns
(c)    The third heaven – this is where the throne of God is (2 Cor. 12:1-4)
The second heaven is referred to as high places (Eph. 6:12).
2.    Demons also live in evil places and places where crime and murders have been committed.
3.    Demon can inhabit humans and when they are desperate can enter into animals.  Mk. 5:2,8,12.

Some Things Demons Can Do
1.    They can teach ( I Tim. 4:1); in which case they teach errors.
2.    They can tell fortunes Acts 16:16-17 what they say could be absolutely true, it is however for a different reason.  In the text the reason was so that people  could think Paul and Silas were in league with demons.
3.    They can imitate departed dead (I Sam. 28:3-9).
4.    They can go out and come back into men as they will except they are cast out and rejected Matt. 12:43-45.
5.    Demons can also travel Mk. 5:7,12


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