Lack is the easiest gateway into sin. The devil is all out to enforce poverty and enslave Christians.
The devil understands what you can do with money, if you gain access into it. He knows that when you become comfortable he will be in trouble.
Am I saying there is no abundance except in the kingdom? No!
1.      The rich man under whose table Lazarus was feasting, but went to hell.
2.      The rich fool who died suddenly.
3.      Naaman the captain of Syria
4.      Pharaoh the king of Egypt (Exodus 15:19)

Abundance outside God is possible (gambling, embezzlement, human wisdom, strength and versatility, investment etc)
But you are not to envy them. Psalm 73:3, 17 – 18
1.       It is accompanied by sorrow, sleeplessness and fear. He got it by his power, he must preserve it by his strength. I Timothy 6:10
2.      Susceptible to demonic attack
3.      It gives room for pride because it’s gotten by personal smartness. Daniel 4: 28-33
4.      They have no secured tomorrow. Just a change in government can be a change of fortune but the path of the righteous shinneth brighter and brighter… Malachi 4:1,2

As I said the enemy is against your abundance, and he has his weapons.
Weapons of the Enemy.
If the devil can keep you from the necessary knowledge, he can keep you poor.
You must therefore strive to know the possible things you can do. The Bible says “my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge…”
What hast thou in thou house?, That woman said nothing except a pot of oil. The one she had she despised.
When you despise your talent, you have destroyed your treasure.
Mental Stronghold
There are some thinking that work against abundance
(i)           Thinking that everyone who has money is a thief
(ii)          Equating poverty with righteousness. I Timothy 6:10
(iii)        Gospel of Mediocrity: i.e. fake contentment.
(iv)        I can’t be more that this mentality.

A mouse was placed in a jar, at 50th failed attempts the lid was removed. Though the lid was no longer there that mouse was just jumping and going back. The mouse has placed imaginary limit on itself and therefore could not jumped out!
Isaac dug wells and the enemies were blocking it repeatedly (Genesis 26:17-22).They wanted to frustrate him but he refused to be frustrated.
The enemy may want you to give up at the first attempt or 2nd attempt…
The fact that you started a business and it flopped does not mean trading is not your way. You should go ahead and try again
Elimelech and Naomi saw famine and ran. In no time there was plenty in Bethlehem.
Pleasures of Sin
The prodigal son would have done well if he remains in the house. But he wanted independence from his father. He entered into dangerous living and adultery. He finished himself.
When you are given to premature pleasure, you enter into permanent lack.
In times of plenty don’t be wasteful,so you can survive in periods of shortage.
    Evil Counsel
If you want to choose between getting a job or starting a company, get a job! That is wrong counsel.
With a job, you can be ok, but you can’t be wealthy.
Correct definition of wealth:
The numbers of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your standard of living.
To walk in abundance you must overcome all the above listed enemies of abundance!
Not only by prayer but by watchfulness.
Judges 4:15-21
Sisera won on the field, he was defeated in the house. he went to a  wrong place, drank the wrong drink, he made his enemy his gateman, and slept when he should be standing.He that could not be defeated on the field was captured in the room!Please be watchful and it shall be well with you.


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