Text:JONAH 2:1-10
Grace is a phenomenon difficult to understand, but a commodity we cannot do without.
It is the Alpha and Omega of Christianity.
Grace is described in the Old Testament through a lot of stories but it is defined in the New Testament.
It all began when the Son of God left heaven with all his riches to become the Son of man.
He took a 3year journey to Calvary to die like a common thief, at a T-junction. His blood was shed in the public place, as if it was a ritual.
On His way to the earth, he said “Sacrifice and Offering thou hast not desired but a body thou hast prepared for me.
In whole burnt offering and sacrifices for sin, thou hast taken no pleasure. Then I said behold I have come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do thy will o God” (Heb 10:5-7)
When Jesus died, He paid with His blood, purchased a lot of things (gifts) and gave them to us. If we accept this, we accepted HIS GRACE.
Your election (Your choice by God from eternity past) is a choice of grace.
The entire work of Christ is by Grace of God.
Our redemption is according to the true riches of grace.
Our justification is a gift of grace. Rom 3: 24
When men believe it’s by GRACE. Acts 18:27
Even the Gospel is called the gospel of Grace. Acts 20:24
The Scriptures is referred to as – the word of His Grace. Acts 14:3
In the story of Jonah, we see what Grace can do:
  •  Jonah ran away from God’s will.
  •  He ran away from obedience.
  •  He used what God gave him to fight against God
  • A Prophet living in outright disobedience.
In Jonah 1:3 , Jonah started a dangerous journey.
There are some people here; you are on a journey that could ruin your life.
It could be
  1. Wrong relationship
  2.  Wrong company
  3.   Wrong business
If you continue that journey, your life may be frustrated.
As Jonah was going, Grace was released.
The first sign of Grace was the storm.There are some, until you see storm, you cannot see good. The Lord organized everybody in the ship against him.Then Jonah was cast into the sea.
At that moment, it seems all has come to an end, it was as if judgment has taken place. But suddenly, judgment metamorphosed into Grace and a great fish approached Jonah.
I could see Jonah struggling to swim before he died. He knows how to swim (Jonah 2:3), he hoped to survive for some time.
Then a whale approached, to swallow.
The end has come! thought the prophet.He prophesied but the whale didn’t stop. He commanded, the fish refused to hear. He quoted the Old Testament but it was not effective.
The fish opened his mouth and swallowed the man of God.
Anything can swallow you if you are walking in disobedience”.
But inside the fish, Grace was still working! Jonah didn’t die on day 1, day 2. He knew God has a plan.
There is plan for your life, in the name of Jesus it will come to pass.
Then on the 3rd day, the fish vomited out Jonah.
Jonah came out by force!
Now from every bondage,  I command: come out.
From barrenness, from failure, I command: come out!
Psalm 33:8-9
Jonah was vomited not into the sea or another town, but into Nineveh. You will get to where you are going! Grace overlooked disobedience and vomited Jonah into destiny
I see grace cancelling all your mistakes ! I see grace taking you into your destiny in Jesus precious name


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