This world is not a playground it is a battleground.  Col.1:12-14  tells us that we have been rescued from darkness to the kingdom of light.  However the struggle still continues, because the kingdom of darkness is not ready to give up.
    Paul the Apostle said by the Holy Ghost that we are constantly wrestling against spiritual forces.  Actually this mortal warfare goes on every moment of the day, and it is coming to its climax in our day as this age comes to a close.

1.    Scriptural Evidences Of Constant Warfare
I Tim.1:18  We are to war a good war
Eph.6:11-12  Only mad men will put on battledress without a war
Joel 2:1-5,7,11: The believers of the last days who will usher in the day of the Lord are referred to as an army.
2 Cor.10:4  - There is a direct reference to warfare
Luke 10:19 – Serpents and scorpions represent powers of darkness, the believer will encounter them and they will attempt to hurt him.

2.    Examples of Ignorance

a.    Ananias and Sapphira  Acts 5:1-2 [They thought they were wise]  Acts 5:3 (Peter exposed satan)
b.    David and Joab in Numbering Israel
II Sam.24:3  David felt like numbering Israel, Joab disagreed initially but later succumbed to the word of the king.  None of them knew that Satan was hatching a fatal plan through them.  In  I Chr.21:1  - We now
understand that it was Satan who provoked David against God’s will.
c.    Job
All through his trials he couldn’t discern the hand of the adversary little wonder he remained long in the problem (Job1:6-12,21).  He thought the calamities came from the Lord!.

3.    Dangers Of Ignorance
The most dangerous thing that could happen to a man is to be in the midst of a war and not know!  He can be slain at anytime.
2 Cor.2:11 Ignorance gives the enemy an overwhelming advantage and upper-hand.
1.    Eve  Genesis 3:1-6
Eve never knew that Satan was after their dominion and that he was out to displace them.  It was after the deed was done, that in verse 13 she recognized what transpired between her and serpent as “classical deceit”. The ignorance of Eve led to the fall   of mankind.
2.    Judges 4:15-21 (Sisera)
Because of temporary relief, Sisera assumed he has escaped and gave himself to pleasure, drinking milk and sleeping off.  The man that both “stars” (Judges 5:20) and “men” could not conquer fell cheaply because he never knew he was still in the territory of the enemy. He stayed in a wrong place. Where are you? Whom are you staying with? Who is feeding you? The one who fed Sisera was the same person that killed him!
3.    Matthew 13:24-25
Men slept off, became unaware of the plan of the enemy, and his labour was corrupted.  Ignorance will lead to carelessness and this will allow the devil to frustrate us.
4.   Judges 16:4-21   (Samson)
Samson was busy talking and making love, he never knew he was in the midst of the last battle of his life.  If he knew Delilah was out to entice and sell him to the enemies, he would have been   more careful.
Ignorance in spiritual warfare is of fatal consequence.

Prayers: Lord I receive open eyes


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