The work of God is plenteous, a lot of harvest need to be done.
…Carriers are shattered; a man must go and mend them
…Homes are broken; a man must rise and specialize in repairing.
… Demons are on riot, a man is needed who will be angry and begin to set captive free.
… Children are been led astray by school mates and home video, God needs a man to go head long to the children and disciple them.
… A lot of Christians are shallow, God is in need of a man who will disciple them.

God sought for a man:  you said one man? yeah I mean one man.
What can one man do: Plenty, plenty, plenty

Examples Of What One Man Can Do
1.    One man challenged Pharaoh and release the children of Isreal….. Moses
2.    One man interceded for a ship on the high sea and an angel came down to keep them from destruction (Act 27)
3.    One man stood face to face with Goliath and removed a reproach from the people of God ……. David.
4.    One man started a whole nation when God was looking for a people to be called by his name.
5.    One man destroyed hundred of false prophets and brought honor to the name of God …….. Elijah.
6.    One man restricted the destructive propensity of the enemy and saved a whole race from annihilation……. Modecai
7.    One man yeah one man when the whole mankind was to be destroyed because of evil, one man build the art……… Noah.

Year one man can plant a church, one man can build a house fellowship, one man can preach the gospel, one man can mobilize the prayer giants.

Remember the one God uses.
I Cor 1:22 – 31
God choose the people we will never choose, God look at things we never see, God does not choose men based on their wisdom and he choose those we think are nonentities. Or what will you say about:
            Rahab ----------------------- An harlot
            Esther ----------------------  An orphan
            Paul -------------------- A persecutor and a murderer
Many were available and did their part.
John Wesley, Founder of Methodist movement rode 20 miles a day for 40 years, preached 40,000 sermons, wrote 400 books.
An Englishman was traveling through the country side and stopped and asked a man on the road, why is it that I can’t find a place where I can drink beer in this wretched village. the peasant laughed: Well you see my Lord, about 100 years ago a man named John Wesley came to this place to preach.

God Uses The Available
DL Moody could not pronounce dannal (Daniel). He made a difference.
Smith Wigglesworth …. First 25 years he and his wife ministered, his wife was the one preaching, he takes care of the children.
His wife taught him ABC, he was a plumber but mightily used by God.

What Kind of Man Will God Use?
… A man who is not afraid
… A man who gives his all
… A man who will never give up.


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