From Genesis to Revelation, Excusitis is the disease of failures, the rallying points of mediocres.
Many people have been hindered from entering the plan to God for their lives because of excuses.
In Genesis
Adam and Eve fell, God approach them for possible restoration but excuses closed the door of Eden against them. Gen 3:12 – 13
Neither Adam nor Eve solidly accepted responsibility for their mistake.
NOTE: Nobody is Responsible for what you allowed. You have power to choose.
The case of Lot  Gen 19 : 17 – 21
Lot was to move to the Mount, he said he foresees evil (telling God that!), and asked to be excused from the mount. (if God has prepared evil for you he won’t take you away from Sodom).
God cannot make a mistake. The Almighty knows the end from the beginning.
Excuses! Excuses!! The man gave enough reasons to convince the angel !

In God, only the willing and the obedient will eat the fruit.
Though Lot later went back to the Mount,I felt it was too late. The evil he prophesied happened to him. He got drunk and committed incest.
And the story of his life ended in tragedy.
His story later became bad reference – in the prophets and in the New Testament.
The three wise fools Luke 14: 16 – 24
These three wise fools did not occupy the place prepared for them because of excuses.
You have a great destiny prepared. The scripture says “… All things are ready”
In this year, you will not miss your portion.

1st Excuse v 18
The checking of the land could be on another day, because the land has been bought already.
That man is fundamentally foolish. He paid for what he has not seen! In any case the excuse is not acceptable.
You need to know however that you must not pay for what you have not seen!
2nd Excuse
This excuse is equally not tenable. Yokes are not used in the night.
Apart from that, how can you buy what you have not tested? It’s like buying a second-hand car without test-driving it.
3rd Excuse
This is very embarrassing. He was using marriage as an excuse for failure!
Marriage is supposed to make you better!
  • Why can’t he go with his wife
  • They met him without his wife by his side then why can’t he go for supper alone.
  • The supper is not forever so he could take some time off. No good wife will stop her husband from taking steps to secure a better  destiny.
We can conclude that they all made flimsy excuses.
V.24 then what happen.
Their excuses kept them away, they were replaced. There is replacement in destiny! Remember Saul and Judas.

John 5: 1- 14
This man is a natural storyteller. He was not asked all these stories!
ü  For 38yrs, he should have known the season of the angel.
ü  He was too far from the water v 7 some people were closer to the river than him after 38yrs.
ü  “While I am coming” that means he could move himself. Why blaming his misfortune on “I have no man”
God hate excuses
  • Judges 6:14-16
  • Exodus 4: 1-12
  • Exodus 3:11, 13
Look at Moses! His excuses were numerous, yet God never accepted any.
Who am I?
What shall I say?
They will not believe me
I am not eloquent
How To Overcome Excuses
Joseph overcame by believing in his own dream
Jephtah overcame by Self Confidence
Jeremiah overcame by receiving a word from God (Rhema)


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