Here is the summary of the second part of the teaching on 'The Man God Uses'
Main Text: Ezekiel 22:30

Characteristics Of Men That God Can Use
1.    A man willing to be used
2.    God uses people who are willing to serve him in small things faithfully.
3.    The man who is a good steward over what He has put him over.
4.    A man who has known the Lord.
5.    A man who relies upon God in regular fervent prayer.
6.    A man who trust God’s word, a man of the word.
7.    A man who is obedient to His Lord.
8.    A man who is led by the Holy Spirit.
9.    A man who is not seeking his own glory but seeking only to bring Glory to God.
10.    A man who is willing to suffer persecution..
11.    A man who will rather obey God rather than man. An uncompromising man.

Why People Don’t Serve God
1.    Poor self image
2.    Inadequacy.
3.    Weakness
4.    Negative programming
5.    Fear.
6.    Laziness
7.    Sin
8.    Self – centeredness

Determining Factors (How much God can use a man)

1.    Potential.
2.    Availability
3.    Humility
4.    Purity.


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