All through the scriptures are concrete evidences that there are enemies every believer must fight and overcome.
2 Tim 4:7 – You don’t fight if there are no one to fight.
Eph 6:11  – Only a mad man will be wearing battle dress in times of peace.
Eph 6:12  – Every believer is in a wrestling (hand to hand) match.

There are two groups of enemies we are fighting.
1)                  Spiritual enemies – the devil and his agents. 2 Cor 10:4
2)                  Physical enemies – these are men who have determined to stand on your way. Psalm 124:1-2, Matthew 10: 17-18
Some of these could be carriers of unclean spirit who are unrepentantly determined to see to your downfall, stagnation, death or failure.

1.         You will always have enemies (Matt 10:16)
2.      Anyone who is not happy about your progress is an enemy (Ezra 4 23,24a)
3.         Your enemies can always pretend to be your friend (like Judas); they can also be your family members. (Matt 10:36)
4.         Your enemies will attack at the beginning of anything significant in your life e.g. Jesus, Moses.
5.         Whenever the enemies attack becomes intensive, it is a sign that your level in life is changing. David / Goliath, Joseph / Potiphar’s wife, Jephta / household coup.
6.         You must never fear your enemy. (Psalm 23)
7.         You should never declare publicly the damage done by the enemy. (Prov 29:11)
8.         Your enemy will help you to quickly recognize the Judas of your life; they will force the Judas to reveal himself.  Judas is someone that believes your enemies are correct. Judas play both parts: in your presence, a friend; in their presence, a friend.
9.         Some enemies will help increase your movement.
The promised land would have remained a fantasy instead of a fact if Egypt is comfortable. Joseph was “sold” into destiny.
10.       Enemies you don’t deal with may turn back and deal with you.
God told Saul to destroy Amalekites but he didn’t. The man that killed him was an Amalekite. (2 Sam 1:9-10)
There are different kinds of enemies, it require the wisdom of God to be able to deal
with them appropriately. Here are different ways of dealing with physical and spiritual enemies.
  1. Fortify yourself in righteousness . Eccl 10:8
  2. Pray for them that God should forgive them while you live your life. Luke 23:34.
  3. Render them useless through prayer but do not kill them.Psalm 59:10-13; 69:22-28; 83:13-15.
  4. Demand for their destruction. Life for life. Psalm 109:6-20; 137:7:9; 55:15
Potent scriptures to deals with physical or spiritual enemies. I Sam 2:10, Psalm 21, 35, 91, 92, 36, 37, 52, 54, 57, 58, 64, 74, 83. Prov 11:8


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