Demons are evil spirits without bodies with which to express themselves in this world.  Since they have no bodies of their own they wander around trying to find a body through which their mission will be carried out (Matt. 12:43).
Important things to note about demons:

1.    Demons can work miracles (Rev. 16:13-14, Exo. 7:11-12) it is easy for demons to trap sign seekers (2Thess. 2:9).  As Christ you should not follow you. (Mk. 16:16).
2.    Demons Talk:  They talk through a person’s mental and speech faculties in the same way that your spirit talks through your  own tongue. (Mk. 3:10,11, Lk. 4:4,41).
3.    Demons don’t surrender easily (Mk. 5:6-13).                          Therefore demonic attack should not be tackled casually it is secured (I Pet 5:8-9).
4.    Demons can call for reinforcement (Matt. 12:43-45, Jn. 5:14).  When a delivered person refuse to fully consecrate to Christ, it is possible for demons which was cast out to call  more wicked demons alongside himself to re-enter the person.
5.    Demon know those who have authority over them.  Acts 19:13-16.
Mary Magdalene was possessed of seven devils yet one man anointed by God drowe them all away. 
On the other hand seven men without divine authority could not cast even one devil away. (Mk. 16:17 note the plurality of devil’s).
6.    Demons can attack Christians: This should not be surprising, because Satan went to Eve in the Garden and also took Jesus, God’s own Son to the mountain of temptation.
However, our victory as God’s children is very sure I Jn. 5:4, Isa. 59:19, I Jn. 4:4.
7.    Demons torment and harass people using strange suggestions
8.    Demons cause diseases and afflictions
Most diseases are directly or indirectly caused by unclean spirits. (Matt. 8:16, Acts 10:38).  Though lack of rest or good diet could precipitate some bodily problems, it should be emphasized that sicknesses are not of God (Lk. 13:10-16).      If doctors were told to diagnose the woman of Lk. 13, they would have send she had arthritis of the spire or displaced vertebrae!
9.    Demons know their future Matt. 8:29.
10.    Demons fight against peace, as against Jesus who is the prince of peace.
(a)    They invade our mind with thoughts, suggestions, condemnations, accusation etc.
(b)    They attack our harmonious relationship with people – marriages friends and families.


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