Time is a gift of God given to men on a non-repeatable basis. It is the measurable period of time in which things happen. Everything you are today and everything you become tomorrow will be determine by the way you think and the way you use your time.

Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? …
John 11:9
Time is short, but time is sufficient too. To say there is no time is to admit your failure as time manager. There is time but it must be managed efficiently for maximum production.
 Here are some twenty time killers you must avoid if you want to live a fruitful life

When decisions are delayed, time is wasted, efficiency reduced and achievement frustrated. Delaying of action or putting off of action steals time and ruins life. According to 2Cor. 6:2, God works in the divine today. In other words we may say there is urgency with God.
If you read Songs Of Solomon.5:2-6 You will find out that because of indecision the man wasted time and his beloved, his heart desire could not be found any longer !

If we do not control ourselves, we may not wake up to perform our task. You may need to force yourself to do something even when you don’t feel like. If we are not disciplined our time could be:
a)   Controlled by domineering people
b)   Swallowed by things that appeal to the flesh
c)   Governed by the tyranny of the immediate urgent
d)   Used in unimportant conversations
e)   Wasted in day dreaming

 f)  Used in doing things we should delegate

The devil is around to steal, to kill and to destroy. If your time must be preserved, you need to take the battle to the gate of the enemy in warfare. Apart, God is the giver of time, he could prompt you through his spirit so you do not squander it !


·    Can you ever find what you want, when you want it?
·    Is your desk in a mess?
·    Is your whole office upside down that you cannot concentrate on what you are doing per time?
·    Do you have a good filing system?
    Answer to all these questions will tell you how organized you are, and where some of your time is going.

Meetings, fraternal gatherings, special round table meetings could affect the time allocated to other tasks. Not all meetings should be attended; you can send representatives, all depending on your priorities.


Interruptions are part of daily living but when they become too frequent they can become unwanted time waste.
a)   Visitors: when you give all attention to all visitors and pretend as if they are welcomed at all times, they will stay long and waste your time. Visitors should be screened and given appointment times.
b)   Telephone calls: just one telephone call can break your momentum. The solution is (i) use of voice mails (ii) take phone off the hook (iii) switch off the mobile phone (iv) give your mobile phone to another person to answer.

Tired feeling after heavy lunch, high environmental temperature can cause drowsiness, sluggishness and an inability to concentrate. All this will delay action and waste precious hours.


Problems are not removed through one lengthy counsel. Counsels longer than 30 minutes may no longer be effective. Leaders must understand the power of following up counsels and the efficacy of special assignments for the counselor.

Gossip consumes time. You may know when it started but you may never not be able to control when it will end. It drains the brain, destroys your day, reduces your worth and wastes your hours.

A leader who wants to be successful must not be a yes man. He needs to know how to say No. When you are always saying yes, you will accept to do what you cannot do and you may go to places where you shouldn't go and waste your precious time.


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