The race is not to the swift… not yet favour to men of skill but time and chance happeneth to the all. Eccl 9:11
  • Rom 9: 11- it is not of him that willeth…
  • John 5:1-8 – He was dragging himself before Jesus came to him in the midst of many and picked him up.
  • Between Manasseh and Ephraim, favour made Ephraim outrun his elder brother in destiny.
  • When David was carrying the ark with 30000 men back to Israel, Uzzah died. The ark was dropped in the house of a man whom God decided to favour. The blessing he received was more than what he had that since his birth.
  • Ps 44:3 – it is favour that guarantees fulfillment of prophecy.
  • David’s speed was greater than the other sons. It was favour that picked him from the bush.
How do you get set for favour?
1.     Walk with God i.e. walk in righteousness. (Ps. 5:12, Prov14:9, 11:27, 12:2) God is not a respecter of person, for in every nation everyone that feareth him and worketh upright is accepted of him.
2.      Work for him. Mal 3:17
3.      Be faithful where you are: David was faithful or he could have allowed the lion/bear to eat the sheep and nobody will blame him. Even Jesse can’t wait for a bear!
4.      Walk in wisdom of the word:  Prov 8:34-35:  Joseph obtained the favour of the king. When he was going , he changed his dress. You can’t get into the palace dressing like a prisoner!
5.    Fasting generates anointing. Anointing generates favour.    Esther used it. (SOS 1:3)


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