Demons are wicked spiritual forces.  And when humans are under their influence, there are signs (physical, psychological and spiritual) that will most of the time be obvious.
However in trying to know whether some symptoms are typical of demonic influence or not, one should differentiate carefully between the works of the devil and the works of the flesh.
Many people attribute to the devil things that are really nothing more than the works of the flesh.
If anything is a demonic problem, the demon should be cast out, but as far as the works or the lusts of the flesh is concerned it is to be put off.
The flesh has its own lusts.  (II Pet. 2:11, Eph. 2:3, 4:22) because It is degenerate, it is never born again.  The only way you won’t have problems with the flesh (and even Satan) is to die and leave this world.  However, we all have the choice to allow the flesh to dominate us or to keep it under control. (Rom. 8:12-13
Common confusing works of he flesh    
·    Anger
Most cases of anger are not in anyway demonic.  If you let the flesh dominate you, you can lose control of your temper and do or say things you will forever  regret. Eph. 4:26: Means if you get angry about something you don’t have to let  your flesh take over. You have a choice.  You don’ have to give in to the dictates of your fleshy nature.
·    Fornication
Many people blame the devil when they fall into sexual sins, this is not totally correct.  It is true that we have demonical sexual perversion but it is not as common as people think.
·    Rom. 1:24-27: Here the scriptures say uncleanness resulted from burning lust or lust of their hearts.
If a young man get saved and he  was  used to having reckless affairs with woman before salvation, his flesh will want to keep on doing that.  That doesn’t necessarily mean he needs to have a devil cast out of him.

The Solution To Flesh Problems.
·    Eph. 4:22, Col. 3:5,8 – Put off the works of the flesh deliberately (I Pet. 2:11, Matt. 5:29,30)
·    Rely on the Holy Spirit, Be filled and be obedient. Rom. 8:13, Rom. 8:5;; Gal.5:16.
·    Put on the new man, the good qualities imparted by the Holy Spirit.  Col. 3:12-14, Eph. 4:22-24.
·    Retain the word of God in your mind continuosly


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