We are living in the end times. A typical Christian nowadays have little knowledge of the basic tenets of victorious Christian lifestyle. This is because a lot of Christ followers are mere converts and not disciples. Pastors only preach,exhort,encourage and inspire members without taking time to nurture them unto spiritual maturity and teach them the basic truth of the word of God,line upon line,precept upon precept.

Discipleship is the process of tutoring converts and making them to become disciples of Christ.
The word Disciple which appears 40times in the Bible,comes from the word discipline. It means a learner and follower of Christ. At the heart of it is a student teacher relationship. It therefore means a personal relationship to Christ and a continuous response to His teaching and demands.
According to the scriptures,Christ Calls Us into Discipleship.He made it abundantly clear to the first disciples that what He is looking for is a disciple, one who will be disciplined and rugged to the core and ready to pay the price of His call. He does not want a weakling. Self-satisfied and self-centered people who are only out to enjoy themselves are not welcome. He emphasized and re-emphasized it so much. And this is the reason they were able to pass down the faith down to us today. They were not only Christians, believers, brothers and Saints, but more importantly they were disciples. (Matt 16:24: Luke 14:26,33; John 8:3:15:8).

Multiple Fold Call to Discipleship:

1.    A call to true repentance - Matt 4:17; 9:13

2.    A call to learn of Christ - Matt 11:28-29

3.    A call to a life of self denial and cross bearing - Luke 9:23

4.    A call to a life of service - Matt 28:19-20; Mark 16:15

5.    A call to live a life of blessing to others - John 7:37-39.

6.    A call of-commitment to the body of Christ - John 21:15-17.

7.    A call of commitment to the work of Christ I Cor. 15:58

8.    A call to walk with Christ in light - John 8:12; I John 1:6

9.    A call to a life to witness for Christ - Matt 4:19

10.    A life of absolute dedication to Christ - Matt 10:37

As a child of God you are called to grow up,follow Christ and live by His reveled instructions. Failure to do this will make you easy prey for false prophets or deceptive teachings.


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