Sickness is not in the original plan of God. That was why there was no hospital in the garden. Sickness or absence of good health is not the will of God.
Sickness has no other author but the devil. But we could however identify some direct/indirect causes of sickness.
1.Sin: David, speaking by inspiration of the Holy Ghost, said, Fools because of their transgressions, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted. Ps. 107:17. Sin breaks down the hedge that God builds around you, thus permitting Satan to afflict you.

2.Stress John 4:6
When you’re stressed, the adrenal glands ramp up the release of the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and nor-epinephrine. Adrenaline speeds up your heart rate and can raise blood pressure. Cortisol causes changes in the blood vessels that can, over time, increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Meanwhile, the brain relays the stress signals to the gut, which changes up its routine to allow your body to focus on the stressor. This is what’s behind that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling, but it can also lead to digestive problems and affect the composition of your gut bacteria.

Cortisol, meanwhile, can also increase appetite and prompt the body to put on deep-belly fat. That fat releases compounds called cytokines, which in turn raise the risk of developing chronic diseases. When stress is chronic, rather than temporary, it can also dampen the functioning of the immune system, slowing healing times and making you more vulnerable to infection.

3. Satan: We are living in a wicked world. A lot of sickness could be as a result of direct satanic arrow/demonic remote control and curses from satanic agents.

4.Old Age : Now Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness whereof he died(2 Kings 13:14)
When a man grows old,sickness become a natural consequence of the wear and tear his tissues have been subjected to over the years.Though sickness is not compulsory in old age.

5. Carelessness:
When you neglect to obey rules of nature, like resting as at when necessary you may become sick. When you use sharp objects to clean your ear or eat uncooked foods you may fall sick.

6. Uncleanness: Poor domestic and personal hygiene practices can help the transmission of disease-causing germs:
    directly by the faecal-oral route, or by person to person or pet to person contact
    indirectly by vectors coming into contact with people or their food, people breathing in airborne droplets of moisture which contain germs or eating contaminated food.

Signs of poor domestic hygiene include:
    not cleaning the toilet
    not getting rid of rubbish
    not washing clothes and bedding frequently
    not storing food properly

Signs of poor personal hygiene include:
    not washing hands
    not showering
    not washing hair

7. Bad Habits: There are those who injure their bodies through weakening habits like using liquor, narcotics, body building steroids and tobacco. Many diseases, especially of the heart and liver are directly traceable to the use of these substances.

BIBLE PROMISES OF GOOD HEALTH:Exo 15:26, Deut. 7:5, Isa 53:5, Ps. 91:1-6,10

1.       The Power of God Luke 5:17
A good example is that of the woman with the issue of blood that touched Jesus. In similar manner, God can intervene in any man’s affairs and heal him without protocol.
2.       The word of God Ps. 107:20,  Pro 4:21-22
Hearing / Reading can precipitate healing. A man was reading a book sometimes ago and asthma disappeared.
3.       Anointing Oil  Mk. 6:13, Jam 5: 14
4.       Good Food (fruit and vegetables) and much Water Jer. 14:18
5.       Adequate Rest
6.       Consulting of Physicians Jer 8:22, Mt. 9:12, Col 4:14
7.       Use Of Drugs Jer 30:12-13, 2 Kings 20:7, Eze 47:12
8.       Joyfulness  Prov. 17:22


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