1. Every relationship is like a building. The beauty, strength, size and durability of relationship are determined by the foundation upon which the relationship is built. Build on
the word of God.
2. Forgiveness strengthens and builds relationship……Forgiveness nourishes
love……Forgiveness helps to heal broken hearts – internal hurts and wounds.
3. You can’t be one with God and not love.
4. Marriage is commitment to a person you dearly love to share your lives together till death
do you path.
5. It takes your all to make marriage succeed. Your whole heart, love, money, energy,
creativity and entire personality are required.
6. For your marriage to work, don't concentrate on what your spouse can give or buy for you,
but concentrate on what you can give to make your spouse happy.
7. No relationship will succeed when only one party is giving and making input for the
success of the relationship. It takes two to succeed in a relationship.
8. If the two of you will attempt to outdo each other in showing love, caring and buying of
gifts, I assure you, your relationship will stand the test of time.
9. Sincerity is the ingredient that heals hurts in relationships. It enables one to accept
responsibility of mistakes and offenses committed within the relationship, apologize and
make amends.
10. Selfishness, greed and secrecy are destroyers of relationship any day, any time anywhere.
11. Becoming like Christ takes away stress from marriage.
12. Submission is the key to greater love.
13. Freedom of sex expressions in marriage strengthens the bond of love and oneness.
14. Love without sacrifice is, fake.
15. Love without patience will not last.
16. Troublesome mother-in laws are not devils, but have only failed to realize that their sons
and daughters are no longer babies but independent adults.
17. Your vision of your marriage determines the way you approach matters in your home.
18. Marriage is serious responsibility. And courtship is a time to develop in taking
19. Quarrelling does not change people or situations.
20. Becoming more like Christ is the pathway to marital bliss.
21. Your children are the blessings and responsibilities of your marriage.
22. Your children’s habits and character depends on your investment of love, time and money
into their lives.
23. Time and effort invested in making yourselves compatible is a good investment that will
definitely pay off in the end.
24. The liveliness of your family Altar determines how far your marriage will receive God’s
25. Invest love and time in helping one another overcome your weaknesses.
26. Give allowance for failure knowing that you too do fail sometimes, and you will always
want your spouse to understand and bear with you.
27. Say and do unto your spouse what you will have her say and do unto you.
28. Faith and patience are necessary for marriage to work….. “Better a patient man than a
warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.” (Proverbs 16:32)
29. He who covers over an offence promotes love. (Proverbs 17:9)
30. Discipline your son, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his death.
(Proverbs 19:18)
31. He who loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich.
(proverbs 21:17)
32. A humble wife brings out the lover in the husband.
33. The sweetness of marriage can only be discovered when the home is peaceful.
34. Trust gives strength to a relationship.
35. Who you did not submit to, you cannot obey.
36. The proof of love is obedience……Love without obedience is fake.
37. Sincerity is a necessity in relationship.
38. Pointing the accusing finger does not solve problems, but compound and defer them.
39. A peaceful home is not just prayed down, but worked out.
40. Conquer self and the problems will disappear.
41. If you really love your spouse, do what will please him or her at all times.
42. If you will channel your energy and effort at building and perfecting yourself, you will
attract a quality partner.
43. Obedience is the proof of love. Submission is part of obedience.
44. When love is strong in the heart, it is easy to overlook an offence
45. When bitterness becomes strong, it is a sign that love is weak.
46. Your partner is not supposed to take God’s place in your life. God must always be number
one in your life. When the order is changed, things go wrong.
47. It takes sincerity for marriage or any other kind of relationship to work successfully.
48. If your husband is not standing by you and you are not standing by him, then you have no
business with each other.
49. Build your family on Christ, the Rock that cannot be moved.
50. Your marriage is all about you; just you - your character, habits, desires and dreams.
51. Marriage is not about wishes, but purposeful actions.
52. Marriage problems are proofs of a lack of wisdom in the area of conflict…..Wisdom is not
just knowledge, but the right application of knowledge. Failure to apply the knowledge you
have is foolishness.
53. Failure to deal with the weaknesses in one’s life is an invitation to crisis in the home. Your
weaknesses will always manifest until you overcome them.
54. Pointing of the accusing finger is not the solution to relationship problems. Both of you
should settle down and look at yourselves critically and sincerely and deal with what needs
to be dealt with.
55. Your thoughts towards your spouse determine how you relate with him or her.
56. Respect is a product of our mental assessment of our spouse. A lack of it reveals a bad
mental picture of your spouse.
57. The atmosphere you create determines your experience.
58. Don’t give your ears to gossip. What you hear repeatedly, you will eventually believe and
this will affect your marriage negatively. Please read proverbs 26:20-28.
59. Never allow what people say about your spouse to form your opinion about him or her.
60. Never allow what people say about you to change your scriptural opinion of yourself. You
are who God says you are. You have what God says you have. You can do what God says
you can do.
61. Never allow what people say to change your godly principles upon which your marriage
and relationship is built.
62. What you think of your partner is more important than what people think about him or her.
63. Like the soil to seeds, so also the mind to words. What you open your mind to will grow in
you and affect, influence and control you in many ways.
64. Give your mind to what will enhance love, unity, happiness and celebration in your
home……Guard your mind with all diligence…… “Above all else, guard your heart, for it
is the well spring of life”. (Prov.4: 23)
65. You are responsible for all the decisions you make in your marriage……Every other
person is an adviser, while you are the decision-maker in your own marriage.
66. He who speaks into your marriage contributes to the success or failure of your marriage.
67. Life is a collection of choices.
68. Problems never leave you the way they met you. Your attitude to the problem determines
the effect of the problem on you, your spouse, your children and your marriage.
69. You programme your marriage to succeed and become better by the values and habits
formed and displayed yesterday and today. Start now to reprogramme your marriage with
the truth from God’s word.
70. The submission of the wife to the husband, provokes greater love from the husband.
71. Sex in marriage is not only for childbirth, but for union, enjoyment and satisfaction. Lack
of satisfaction causes infidelity.
72. Life without understanding the principles of successful living is always full of miserable
73. You are what you do repeatedly.
74. Life is a collection of choices
75. Your decisions in life determine your experiences.
76. Tomorrow will never be an accident. Today started yesterday, tomorrow starts today. You
progress into tomorrow…….Tomorrow is a continuation of today.
77. Stagnant water stinks. Life without changes stinks………Life is dynamic. It requires
changes to be made as at, and when necessary. Don’t remain the same……You can’t
succeed without making changes.
78. Make room in your heart for offences and mistakes so that when they occur you will be
able to forbear and forgive.
79. Love is the medicine that heals every wound. Apply it.
80. See yourself in your spouse and your spouse in you. That is God’s concept of oneness in
81. Secrecy destroys trust. Without trust, marriage cannot work.
82. The proof of love is the investment of time.
83. Submission is a strengthener of love, while rebellion is a killer of love.
84. Him whom you submit to will love you more.
85. Love is like wine, it intoxicates. Does your love for your spouse intoxicate you? Measure
86. He who speaks into your marriage programmes you for success or failure.
87. Self-control is a virtue you can’t do without in relationships. Develop it.
88. Listen to others when you talk.
89. Only you can’t be wise, and every other person a fool.
90. Feeding your laziness with excuses is fatal. Watch it!
91. Marriage is not man’s concept, but God’s. So He is in a better position to instruct on
92. You can never know more about marriage than the author of marriage.
93. The principles of God never fail to work in the life of the one that practices it.
94. The word works, even in relationships. Use it in faith always.
95. Those who speak into your life and marriage direct the cause of your life and marriage.
96. If you can control your thoughts towards your partner, you can control your words and
actions towards him or her. (Your thoughts give birth to your words and actions.)
97. Always remember that your feelings towards your partner are products of your thoughts.
Therefore changing your thoughts towards your partner can change every feeling.
98. Love is rooted in the heart and expressed through words and actions.
99. Love can turn sour when thoughts towards your partner turn sour. Thoughts stimulate, stir
and control love.
100. It is not counsel that delivers you from trouble but wise counsel.
101. Love is meant to be guarded and protected against all that seek to destroy it.
102. Your marriage is what you make it.
103. Before you complain that your spouse is going out with someone else, ask yourself, am I
responsible? Why the sudden interest in another?
104. Love and much love will win over discontent from your spouse.
105. If your home is built on the word of Christ, the Rock that cannot be moved, your home will
be stable.
106. Avoid “I too know”, it brings rivalry.
107. Avoid reactions that will subdue or inhibit each other’s feelings and opinions about any
given matter.
108. Marriage is nothing but the manifestation of the personalities involved in the marriage.
109. A gentle answer turns away wrath.
110. “I am sorry” is a sign of maturity.
111. Submission is a proof of understanding.
112. Your mate is a gift from God to you. That gift is intended to (a) Protect your focus, (b)
reduce distractions and (c) create a climate of protection. Value your spouse.
113. Not all who are qualified for your attention are qualified for your heart.
114. Those who speak into your life direct your thoughts and create your experiences.
115. For your marriage to work, you must give it your all.
116. Marriage is not a game of luck, but a life that is lived.
117. It takes commitment from both parties to make marriage work.
118. Sincere people are loveable people;be sincere
119. Trust is one of the foundations for durable and enduring marital relationship.Trust one another
120. Giving your ear to gossips is opening the door for the devil to destroy your relationship.
121. Forgiveness and forbearance are the two great pillars of love. Without them, love cannot
122. To make the right choice in marriage, emotion must be put aside, and the facts considered.
123. Marriage is responsibility meant for only responsible people.
124. Maturity is not just age, but the ability to manage the problem and responsibilities of life.
125. Don’t criticize the other person but rather encourage them to reach their goals
126. Marital well-being requires compromise, sacrifice, letting go and giving up false pride
127. ALWAYS appreciate even little things and NEVER take each other for granted
128. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can change your partner
129. Periodically go on short trips together (leave the children with grandparents);it will rekindle your love.
130. Never react with fear, anger, or frustration…be loving in times of difficulties and dont get into a “tit for tat!”


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