Life is be lived once, if you have correct information, once is enough!
⦁    To enjoy continuous progress, there must be continuous change
⦁    The kind of thinking that brought you to this place is not the kind that will take you to your destiny.
⦁    The road to success is always under construction!

What is perspective? It is an expression of your attitude.

Effect of negative perspective
1.    It stagnates.  Num 13:31
    What you see today determines where you will be tomorrow (wilderness or Canaan)
2.    Removes your joy and the joy of people around you. Num13:33, 14:1
3.    Impart fear and remove faith
Lets review Peter’s story walking on the sea.
At very junction, you have two choices:
⦁    Look unto Jesus
⦁    Look unto the storm
If you look at Jesus, you will walk
If you look at the storm, you will sink
Perspective made David a winner in the battle of Elah! (I Sam. 17).

Effects of positive perspective
1.    It attracts God into your situation.  Ps. 34:22
2.    It imparts enthusiasm and zeal.
    David just began to talk to everyone who cares to listen! This non-living thing, I will bring him down.
    During rainfall some shiver, some hiss, some look for clean vessels to collect water.
You can’t deliver the goods if your heart is heavier than the load.
3.    Positive perspective increases your speed. David ran when he saw the smallness of Goliath!

    I can’t   is the conclusion of fools. It cannot be done is the conclusion of thoughtless men.
Some years back In Kings College London, Cancer researchers did a long-term study of 57 breast cancer victims who had mastectomies.
⦁    7 out of 10 with fighting spirit were alive 10 years after
⦁    4 out of 5 women who felt helpless at the diagnosis died.

What To Do To Develop Right Perspective
⦁    Pray right prayer
⦁    Listen to right words
⦁    Stay around with right people.
⦁    Read the right books
⦁    Look unto God
Life is not an experiment. You can either stand up and be counted or lie down and be counted out! It’s up to you.


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