In the last couple of years, the subject of vision has taken a prominent place in many ministerial seminars, school of ministry and books. Much has been said about it that some felt we are over-flogging the subject by mentioning it again.  But the truth is that despite much exposure to this subject, only about 4% of ministers are living and working by vision.  Large majority of gospel ministers are yet to grab what vision is all about. The more reason we want to examine three kinds of vision.
A.    The Need for Vision: Proverb 28:19

Vision is God’s purpose, assignment and task for your life. It is the clear mental state of a preferable future. It is also called dreams and life objective. Vision is received through God’s call, prayer, dream, revelation, an idea, burden, concern, desire, longing, angelic visitation, Spirits voice, divine impression and divine coincidences. God’s vision for your life is like a finger print, there is no other one exactly like it.
/    Your vision is your compass        -    no vision, no direction.
/    Your vision is your driving force        -    no vision, no motivation.
/    You are kept by your vision        -    without vision nothing to live for.
/    Your vision is your propeller        -    no vision, no progress.

&    To have strength for today, you must see vision of tomorrow.
&    To overcome the immediate, you must see the ultimate.
&    Without vision, there is nothing to lead and minister for.
&    A minister without vision is like the man who enters a taxi and ask the driver to         just drive him around because he had no particular destination.

B.    Three Kinds of Vision

Many who claim to have vision has not been able to achieve anything worthwhile because they don’t have the right kind of vision.  Our research among pastors and gospel ministers have revealed these three kinds of vision among them.

1.    Vision of Survival

        Ministers with this kind of vision are mainly concerned with survival in the ministry. They care for what they will eat and drink.  They are averse to learning and growing. Their middle name is NFA - ‘No  Future Ambition’.  They have PLOM as their motto: ‘Poor  Little Old Me’.  Average to them is their ultimate. Such ministers observe history.   When a minister’s vision shrinks, so does his       influence.

2.    Vision of Success

    Ministers who possess this vision sees success as the ultimate in the ministry.  They want to make it financially, materially, socially and professionally. They can go to any length to achieve their aim. They see the ministry basically as an avenue to better their lot and increase their wealth and worth.  They are therefore ready to milk and fleece the people just to be a financial and material success. Such ministers write history.

3.    Vision of Significance
    Ministers with this kind of vision are aspiring to leave a lasting legacy with people.  They want to meet needs, solve problems and impact others in a positive and permanent way. They go for the senior brother of success - significance. They want to fulfill their potentials and leave a mark that cannot be erased.  Such ministers make history. Leaders who saw no great vision from God can never attempt great things for Him.

C.    Realizing your Significant Vision
Ministers with survival and success vision will be forgotten and dump in the dustbin of history.  Only those with the vision of significance can do a lasting work.  How do you realize such vision?

1.    Live ahead of your contemporaries:
        See more than others sees.  Pray and learn to see beyond, before and deeper than others. Live ahead of your time.

2.    Live above your circumstances:

    Don’t allow the immediate to affect the ultimate. Don’t allow the present circumstances to make you compromise.

3.    Live deeper than your calamities:
    Life is not always fair to us. Things unexpected do happen. Plans will not go as envisaged.  Calamities will happen.  Overcome them all.

4.    Live beyond your capabilities:
    Don’t think you have “arrived”.  Stretch and soar beyond your personal gifts through determination and self-development.


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