Text:I Kings 17:7-16, Luke 4:25-26
Arise get to Zarephath
Zarephath was a small town outside Israel, north of Israel on Mediterranean Sea. About 100 miles from Cherith.
That was the town under Sodom, a kingdom ruled by the father of Jezebel.
The hometown of Jezebel before coming to town to sustain Elijah!
God was making fun of the power or darkness - he was ridiculing them. He likes bringing up Moses in Egypt. You see Satan is limited in knowledge and strength. You can ridicule him – God went right into Satan’s territory to get prophecy fulfilled.
This should give you confidence over powers of darkness. You can ridicule juju,you can belittle their charms, and frustrate their plans.

John 1:5

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
    The devil is confused, he can’t catch with you.
Zarephath means smelting furnace or crucible where refining is done. Elijah had passed the first exam, he need to go into the second exam.
    But wait, Elijah walked 100 miles and was not arrested. You can’t be arrested by the devil. He was enveloped in glory and power.
In your journey in destiny, no man will insult you. The terror of God was upon everybody he met, they couldn’t pursue him. When Elijah got to Zarephath, he did not wander much, right at the gate, God knew this man was tired. God gave him speed.
And with supernatural speed the prophecy came to pass. Every prophecy released into your destiny, let them begin to come to pass.

2 TESTS  were conducted for Elijah immediately.
1.    Test of First Impression
    What Elijah saw was not a wealthy widow. He could as well say I don’t think it will work. This place must be worse than Cherith.
    But he refused to quit; he believed God is not a man that he should lie. You see, first impressions could be very terrible. But Elijah passed.
2.    Test of physical Impossibilities
    In our walk in destiny, this is one test that should never floor us. Humanly speaking, the situation was terrible – 17:12. The widow expressed the impossibilities, but thank God for Elijah, he heard from God, it’s too late to turn back!

    I recall the story of a church. They have just completed the building. But in US, parking space must correspond to church size.
One week to dedication, government told them that they couldn’t use the place. A mountain was behind them, they need to clear it and use it for parking.
The pastor called for prayer meeting that God should move the mountain back. Only 24 people turned up! After prayer, the 5 days to the dedication, a construction manager rushed in. they are in emergency need of a debris and they have found that hill, they were begging the pastor to give it to them that they will immediately help him to make the ground plain and cemented.
What took place between the widow and Elijah was significant –
 Principle of Harvest
Vs 13-16
The principle of harvest runs through the Scripture.
⦁    God gave His son, he has many sons now
⦁    Adam gave a rib, he had an helper
⦁    The widow of 2 Kings need money, she gave oil (2 kings 4: 1 – 7)
⦁    You wanted mercy, then show mercy!

There is something you have that can give you something you don’t have. If what you have is not an harvest, make it a seed!
Sometimes you have to give it all before you can take it all.

See there is a miracle in your house.
The faith of that widow was classical.
Elijah was there by divine direction; therefore there can’t be any destruction.
At Zarephath, there was an helper. At Cherith a bird, at Zarephath a human being.
Your day of starvation and lack is over. At Cherith it was twice daily, at Zarephath it was as needed.
Elijah will go and come, stretch his hand, take the meal and take the oil.
Barrel of meal did not waste
Cruse oil did not fail
Your food will not fail in the name of Jesus
For Elijah, things have gotten better. Inside famine, he was gaining weight!

Prayer Point:Lord, take me to my Zarephath in destiny.


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