Text: Matt.9:4  
Evil thoughts can be described as intrusive thinking that are are morally and biblically bankrupt.
There may be evil thoughts of many kinds, envious thoughts, discontented thoughts, profane thoughts, unkind thoughts, angry thoughts, avaricious thoughts, impure thoughts. All these thoughts come buzzing about the head and heart, and will settle to do harm, unless driven away. They are only little thoughts. Each is very small, but altogether they are a great host. They are like flies.Pharaoh, King of Egypt, was plagued with flies. They came upon his servants, and the houses of the Egyptians were full of swarms of flies, "and the land was corrupted by reason of the swarm of flies.".
The heads of a great many people are like the houses of the Egyptians -- full of swarms of evil thoughts tormenting them at night ,on their beds, on their knees, inside the church,when they are alone and while they are with others. And if care is note taken their life could be corrupted by these thoughts.
Before we continue,it must be emphasized that There is also a difference between being tempted (a thought entering into the mind) and sinning (dwelling upon an evil thought and wallowing in it).
Evil thoughts are like wandering birds.You may not be able to prvent them from flying over your heads but you can stop them from building a nest there.
When Abraham prepared a sacrifice to the Lord, there came down on it swarms of birds . And when they did so, we are told that Abraham "drove them away."Your responsibility is to mak sure that those birds do not say


1.The Thought life of a Christian Must Build Christian Character: One of the most important truths concerning human character building was spoken in passing by Solomon in Proverbs 23:7: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." The thoughts of our minds are like building blocks with which we build our character. If a person permits himself to think often of evil, he will soon be doing evil acts, falling into evil habits, and finally living an evil life.
2.Christ spoke of the impact of the thoughts: Jesus had this in when He spoke as He did as found in Matthew. What defiles the man? Not that which enters his body, but that which cometh out of the man... for from within…Mat t15:17-19.
3.Possibly ALL sin committed by a person is first conceived in the thought life. Every deed that a man performs is born first in his thought life. Most deeds are not brought to birth with a sudden impulse, but lie rooted in many repeated thoughts. No man sins suddenly.
4.The guarding of the thought life is a matter of utmost importance. Every evil thought is a dangerous thing. It carries with it the seeds of evil, the promise of ugly growth which if not rooted out will bring forth a character of weakness and sin.
One of the greatest sources of thoughts come from our reading, and our viewing of TV or looking at pictures It is a personal responsibility then to filter what you read, listen to or watch.
5.We must "fall in love" with the Living Word and the Written Word. The only sure answer to the problem of the battle over thoughts is to "set our affection on things above" and to make Christ "preeminent" in our lives. (Col. 3:1-4; 1:18) HE must be loved and we must live for HIM.

David when tempted as he saw Bathsheba.
Joseph when tempted daily by Potiphar's wife.
Achan when tempted to take the wedges of gold, silver, etc.
Elisha's servant as he went after the materials things offered by Naaman but turned down by Elisha.
Peter, when wrestling with the idea of going to the Gentiles, (Acts 10)
The Prodigal's son's brother, when he came from the field and heard the singing, making merry, etc. (Luke 15)
Daniel, as he prayed as aforetime, notwithstanding the decree.
In all of these we have illustrations in which there had to be thoughts which greatly effected the choices, the will, the character, and the issues of life then and in their future. AS A MAN THINKETH, SO IS HE.


1. A diagnosis, we must locate the problem, the source, is it TV, wrong literature, wrong discussions etc. Psa. 139:23,24; Psa 19: Prov. 23:7, Matt. 9:4) Consider Samson's fall, he did not consider the problem, nor the source which eventually brought his downfall.
2. A decision must be made; we cannot cover it, we must confess it thoroughly, and repent of it thoroughly, or we will continue it. Restoration only comes through thorough confession and repentance. (Prov. 28:13; I Jh. 1:7)
3. A dependence must take place totally upon God as we do our part in the above aspects. God understands, and undertakes. The Holy Spirit will work to bring the victory, making us sensitive to inward sin. (I Cor. 10:13;
Phil. 4:13; Gal. 1:4; Heb. 2:18; Gal. 5:16,17)
4. A determination to destroy must take place for we must see the destruction of all that entices, corrupts, being willing to break with the wrong crowd, (Prov. 1:10,15; Acts 19:10-20; Psa 119:63).
5. A desire to replace the evil with the good must take place. Making a covenant with the eyes (Job. 31:1), with the total body...to not look upon evil. (Matt. 5:28; II Tim 2:22; II Pet 2:9; I Thess. 4:3-5; II Pet. 4:2)
6. A determination to rebuild the thought life must take place.
(Rom. 12:1,2; Rom. 6:13; Eph. 4:23; Col. 3:10, 16, 17; Romans 6:16,17)


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