To every football player there is possible replacement on the reserve bench. No one can hold the coach to ransom. No player is indispensable. Sure, it is the same with God.
If you refuse to serve, if you decline to work, the purpose of God will be fulfiled with or without you. God's purpose cannot fail, he may only need to use a different person. When Eli refused to live up to God's expectation, Samuel replaced him. When Saul did not fully obeyed God, David came from nowhere.
          Luke 19 : 40
          And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if  these should hold their peace, the stones would    immediately cry out.
Beside every saint of God there is a stone. If the saint will not serve, the stone will be raised up.

Do not belittle yourself, no matter your condition, you are His battle axe and weapon of war. If you will only make yourself available, you will be surprised at what God can do through you. You may not have any spectacular ability, it does not matter because what God is looking for is availability.
          Job 36 : 5    Behold, God is mighty and despiseth not any...
God does not despise you, dont despise yourself. Moses was a stammerer, he was used to deliver a whole nation. Gideon was a weakling, God used him to rescue Israel from the hand of the Midianites. Samuel could not even identify God's voice, he became a Priest. David was a bush boy, he beheaded Goliath and became a king.
Friends, this cloud of witnesses is enough evidence that you can be used.
 I Corinthians 1:27b     ... and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; and base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen...
God can use anything, He can use anyone. He used ravens to minister to Elijah, he used dove to assess the earth after the flood, He used a donkey to warn the erring prophet and a lion to deal with the disobedient servant. He employed a fish to correct the straying Evangelist and another fish to bring forth money from no where!
You are better than animals; you are of more importance than 4 legged creatures. There is someting special in you that is not in any other person on earth! You are a special creature that has no duplicate. God needs you! God needs you and you must respond.
There is no time to waste! Answer the call into service now. Kings business require haste, the work assigned for you is a very urgent one. No handicap is big enough to stop him from using you. No problem is tough enough to stop you from serving him.
Kathryn Khulman was a divorcee, she died in active service. Peter was a backslider, he became special apostle to the Jews. Esther was an orphan, she delivered a whole race! Beloved, you have no excuse for remaining idle!


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