Life in Jesus is exciting but living with Jesus does not stop you from frustration. Life could be so sweet and interesting and life could be very though and boring.
The plan of God however remains all the same
Jer 29:11
“For I know the thoughts that I think towards you….. thought of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end”
What God is saying is I know you – I think peace;I know you – I oppose evil; I think of giving what you are expecting
You are serving a wonderfully caring father. IT IS MY PRAYER THAT THE PLAN OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE WILL COME TO PASS.
Unfortunately, life is half spent before we ever knew we have started and that’s why many end in frustration.
There are three things that are most desirable – knowledge,     Understanding AND Wisdom
Knowledge is information.It answers the question 'what'.Understanding answers the question 'why'.Wisdom answers the question 'how'
When you are full of knowledge alone you become proud.When you are full of understanding alone you become a critic.When you are full of wisdom alone you become an achiever.
The most important therefore is wisdom.How do we access wisdom?

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
(Matt 10:16 )
The wisdom of God can be learnt from a creature as strange as serpent. Most of us do not want to hear that word, but the truth is that it was created by God.

Wisdom Of Serpents/Snakes
1. Snakes protect their head – it is instructive because when you hit the head, you have finished the snake. Listen as believer -- there is something around your head which must not fall.It is called the Helmet of Salvation (Eph 6:11,17)
You Helmet of salvationmust not fall. Let no one take it off: be it relationship,job,father/mother/family,husband/wife
And if you are not yet saved, there is trouble
⦁    Accept that you are a sinner
⦁    Believe that Jesus died to save
⦁    Confess your sins and forsake them
⦁    Determine never to go back
⦁    Evangelize others
⦁    Feed on the word
⦁    Go to church services
2. Snake does not fear whatever its pursuing
Though snakes know when to run and where to stay. It is not full of fear. Snake is 3inchhes wide, rabbit is 10 inches wide, but the snake can take it lunch.
Look there is nothing too big for you to achieve. If somebody did it, it can be repeated.
People that operate in fear can never become achievers.Fear of failure is one of the greatest killers of destiny.If we wait until there is no possibility of failure in any venture, we will remain at the same spot forever.
Snakes 3inches,tackling10-inches rabbit.
Look and go for goals bigger than you. A Japanese proverbs says “make big plans big plans attract big people…..small people cause big problem”
The dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow big dreams
Gen 13:14-15
Dream has the potential enough power for their own fulfilment.
Don’t be afraid of death, you can't die now it is not your turn. When it’s your turn you won’t be able to argue.
3. Snake has the virtue of silence.
A typical snake can stay without making any noise, no movement.
Quietness is a virtue, if you want to amount to anything in destiny don’t be a talkative.
Isaiah 30:15
There is power in quietness
i.    You have more time to think.
ii.    You have greater power in prayer with God.
iii.    You escape the sins of the tongue.
iv.    The devil can’t catch you easily Prov 6:2 if eve had been quiet, the devil would have turned back.
v.    Planning for tomorrow is easier for quiet people.
1Thess 4:11 – study to be quiet
vi.    It is easier to hear God when you are sty. The ill – remember Samuel Eli said, stop running around shouting that you are hearing somebody – go and lie down and be silent, he will speak.
4.  Snake Studies
Snake is a studious animal. Before going for a strive, it studies the environment, the prey. The prey jumps around but the snake will be acquiring knowledge.
Knowledge acquisition is important “he that increase knowledge increase strength” 
Buy books, read books, act on what you read.
Don’t die in a little corner, when there is a way out-based on information.
The church is looking for space for expansion and we are been searching around – bush of Ajilosun, wilderness of Aba Igbira. But right on the road where I have been driving and walking for 5years in a piece of land wanting for rentage.
But it couldn’t be searched until there was a deliberate search. If you money to buy shoes, wrist watch, you should have cash for books.
If you are a preacher, a Christian worker and you have not read a new book (since 30days) – you are already stinking. But you see when people stink they don’t know only others can perceive it.   
Knowledge is important. Anything you are doing learn more. When you increase in learning you increase in earring. What you learn affect what you earn.
A lot of people care much about what they wear than what they know. People value is not determined by their dressing but contents. Dressing may deceive for a while, but everyone will soon know how empty you are.
Take care of your brain, the way you take care of your belly. When you fill your belly be careful to fill your brain.
5. Snake is Patient
A snake will wait for hours before striking.
In Christendom patience is necessary
Between prophecy and performance you have prayerful patience
Heb 10:36, Job 14:14
Those who refuse to wait end up in waste. Your tomorrow is beautiful but you must wait.No matter how much favour you enjoy form God, your ultimate glorification has a lime tag.
6.Snakes keep good company!
They follow themselves.If you want to marry,go for someone with similar faith.If you marry a child of the devil, you will have your honeymoon in hell. Living and the dead don’t stay together. No normal human being live in the grave yard. Apart from marriage,be careful of the influence of bad friends.Evil company,corrupts.
7. Snake possess hypnotizing power:That talks of the anointing.
8. Snakes tongue/mouth carry life and death.With her own tongue she can slay the prey or kill herself. In like manner,the believer should be careful.Make sure you do not use your tongue against yourself!
As you learn from the serpent..may your wisdom  know no bounds


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