We are going to examine the life of Joseph.
His life ended in glory though it was filled with lots of trials and trouble.
In his life time he wore four different types of coats
COAT 1:Genesis 37:3-4
COAT 2:Genesis 39:2,11-13
COAT 3: Genesis 39:20 (Psalm105:105:17-20)
COAT 4: Genesis 41:42

1.Coat Of Favour:
If your dreams must come to pass,if your goals must be fulfilled,you need this first coat.The coat of favour.
According to Exo.3:21,when you are favoured,you cannot be empty.
3millios Isrealites were knocking at midnight and all of them were granted their requests.!That is express favour.
One day of favour can cancel 430yrs of labour.

How To Attract Favour
1.By Prayers:Hezekiah secured favour for long life through fervent prayers in Isa.38
2.By Trusting God:Th woman with the issue of Blood secured favour for healing by her strange faith.Luke 8:43-48
3.Heart Of Praise & Thanksgiving:Paul and Silas saw favour and recived deliverancebecause they praised God without murmuring. Acts 16:25-26
4.Showing Favour:Modecai leaked the plan to kill King Ahaseurus and a time came when Modecai would have been killed but favour disallowed it
5.Sacrificial givings:Solomon offered a thousand burnt offerings ang God sinled him out for visitation. Prov.18:16
6.Secure the anointing:When you have the anointing,favour will be automatic.S.O.S.1:3
7.Walk righteously:Psalm 5:17

2.Coat Of Service:
Joseph was not just clothed with favour he wore the coat of service.He was always busy running errands for his father.In Potiphars house he was not lazy.Even in the prison he was busy putting smiles on the face of others.
You want to go up in life? Be ready to serve God and serve the people of God.(Malachi 3:18)
*Saul was anointed while running errands for his father
*David was enthroned while in the path of service
*Zechariah and Elizabeth recived their miracle while serving God in the temple

3.Coat Of Patience;
Joseph patiently endured all that he suffered.He saw short cuts but he ignored them.
He could have agreed with Mrs Potiphar and be enjoying the bread of his master in the secret,but he refused
I the journey of life...there is a time to wait.Joseph knew how to wait.
Many times you need to wait so you will not be a waste.

4.Coat Of Enthronment
This was the coat Pharaoh gave to Joseph.It was a coat of fulfilment.After Favour,after service ,after patience the next is enthronement.
You will take note that Pharaoh did not set up any committee before he anounced the enthronement of Joseph.He simply used veto power.

God will use veto power to promote you.Be sure to remain in favour with God.Serve him diligently and wait for your time...certainly your exaltation will come.


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