One of the major reasons for backwardness among believers (born to reign and lead) is not the powerlessness of God, it is the inability of man to use his brain.
Until you grasp some truth of God’s word, you may die a potential success. Eccl. 10:5-7, 15.
A mentally passive believer is bound to be stagnant, he will labour in vain.

You are not saved to stink. You are saved to shine. You are not redeemed to rot away, you are redeemed to reign on earth. You’ve been washed in His blood to win through His name. Anything short of this is abnormal. The conqueror is in you, you can not remain defeated.
Your present condition is not the best. It is not His best for you. Be motivated, let something stir you.

Dr. McFarland narrated a story often.
A man used to close from work 12 midnight and one moon-lighted day he decided to take a short-cut through the cemetery, because it was shorter. Soon, even when the moon disappeared, it became his regular path. One day, a grave was dug along his path and he didn’t know, while going he fell.
For many minutes he tried but couldn’t get out. And he decided to relax and sleep in the grave till daylight when he was sure of help.
After sometime a drunken man staggered and fell into the same pit. And he started trying also, the sleeping man woke up and took the leg of the drunkard and said, friend no way, you can’t get out here. The man’s alcohol disappeared; he thought a dead man was speaking, in a short while he got out. Something in him, a desire for survival, drove him out.
That man jumped out of his pit. Look,you have to do the same.You must force yourself out of that pit!
Don’t sleep inside your pit
Never stop trying
Let something drive you out of your pit.
Don’ expect outside help.Declare to yourself and say: I’m getting out of the pit.

Prov. 24:3,4
Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Common sense is in your power, many think this head is for decoration, no. Your head is to tell you where are heading to. A wise man’s eye’s are in his head!
Prov. 16:9
A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

A man’s heart/brain devises his way. If your heart is dull, your way will never be distinguished. It takes a sharp mind to secure an excellent way.
According to Prov. 4:18,19: the path of the just is to be shining daily. If this is not happening, the just must take heed.

Adam was so sharp that he named all animals. Your time is here today. The Lord must touch your “brain cells”. YOUR BRAIN MUST BE TOUCHED.
Those cells can come back to life. Jesus touched a blind man twice, now it is your eyes of understanding He will touch.
Jesus was never stranded as to what to do, He always had an answer.
At the age of twelve years, let’s see what happened to him in
Luke 2:41-47 (Note: We have the mind of Christ).

The understanding of Jesus dazed them. As a student: Your lecturers should be dazed when they see your scripts and award marks continuously until you score above hundred. They will then be looking for you to congratulate you.
Look, somebody somewhere must take note of you this year.
There is an idea lurking around in the air. If you grasp it, it can take to the topmost height in destiny.
Strange ideas that generate strange results.
In Ezekiel 37(…you know the story): The Holy Ghost wind blew over those dead and dry bones and life came. You need life in your skull. (James 5:13-15)

  1. Know that you are entitled to
  2.  Accept your foolishness
  3.  Ask for the touch of the Most High
  4.  Move in the consciousness of your new nature.
  5.  Practice brainstorming regularly.


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