Moses is referred to as a man of God for up to three times in the scripture, in these series of studies we will see the positive and negative aspect of his life. In fact we will try to look at everything that will make him a man of God.

God had a comprehensive big plan for Moses; therefore he could not be killed like others. Those murdered, no one can kill you. For you to permanently secure god’s protection there are some facts you must know:
  • You are covered by the blood of Jesus Exo. 12:13
  • When evil things are happening, God will personally cover you because of the blood of Jesus.
  • You must not fear death.
  • Fear is the police of the devil; if you are afraid then what you fear will happen to you. Job 3:25, Psalm 91:5, 6; 2Tim 1:7.
  • You must speak positively, even when physical symptoms are saying contrary things. Num14:28, Prov18:20-21, Joel3:10.
  • There are guardian angels with the assignment of protecting you. Psalms34:7, Psalm91:10-11, Dan6:22.
  • You cannot be wounded; weapons of men (either celestial or terrestrial) cannot harm you. (Rev7:2-3, Isaiah54:17) Jesus has been wounded for you, and 2 people cannot be punished for the same offence (Luke10:19)
  • Long life is your eternal heritage (Psalm 91:16, Exodus23:26, Job5:26, Isaiah 65:22)
  • The fact that disaster befell someone doesn’t imply it will befall you.
Moses in the old covenant was mysteriously preserved. You and I are under a better covenant. There is therefore a mysterious protection for everyone in Christ. (Prov18:10)


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