The importance of doing God’s will after salvation cannot be overemphasized. It is the sole purpose of christian teachings(Mt. 6:9-10 ). The word translated “will” in our main text is from the GK word “THELEMA” meaning-desire, volition, determination, inclination, pleasure, choice
Doing God’s will means doing that which pleases God. In day to day living man has three major choices.
Doing. -
1.His own will (mind and flesh)
2.The will of the Devil
3.The will of God.

Your own will and the will of the devil belong to the same class-they are not the will of God. When you get saved, your relationship with God can only be maintained as you walk in the will of God (Mt12:50)

 You will not be able to experience God’s presence. Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden where they have regular fellowship with God and hear his voice
 Closed heaven and fruitlessness and sadness Lev.26:15-20
 Your prayers may not receive attention. Prov1:25-31
Saul was not answered by God and he began to run after people with familiar spirits.
 You have joined the devil to them together and frustrate God’s plan

Friends there is no alternative to God’s will. It may be tough and
trying, but the end thereof shall gladden your heart. Recall that Israel had 2 ways to the promised land.
But God chose the longer route. Why
 To humble the people
 To impart His laws and communicate His commandments
 To show signs and wonders to the people and establish them
 To avoid early war with Philistines
 To teach total reliance on God

PERMISSIVE WILL Gen19:15-22,30
Lot was arguing with the angel and giving him alternatives. He who says escape to the mountain knows you need grace and protection. He can’t leave you a lone. But Lot settled for the PERMISSIVE WILL Later fear gripped him and restlessness overtook his spirit.
There is a way seemeth good, but the end thereof is…

Permissive will – is what you want to do and God says go ahead (Ex.14:3-5).Balaam’s case is also an example of permissive will: Num22:12,20,22 2Pet2:15-16

Not doing God’s will is madness, its folly.

 Seek it (John 5:30)
 Understand it (Eph 5:17) God has good thought toward you they can’t harm you
 Do it (Eph 6:6) Joseph pursued God’s will, he fled fornication and he was eternally exalted.

There is blessing in doing God’s will. Receive grace in Jesus name.


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