Curse is like cancer, it destroys, it kills. When a man is under a curse his heaven is closed, his earth will be hard. He will labor like an elephant and be eating like ants.
When curses are in place they are very effective. Remember, the fig tree that was cursed withered – may your life not wither.

I want to give you a timeline for the Kennedy family. In 1944 Joseph Kennedy, Jr., oldest Kennedy son, died in a plane crash over the English Channel during W.W. II. He was 29 at the time. In 1948, Cathleen Kennedy died in a plane crash in Europe at the age of 28. In 1963, Patrick Kennedy, 2nd son of President Kennedy, died after 2 days of life. In that same year, his father, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on November 23rd. He was 46 years old. In 1964, Edward M. Kennedy, the youngest of the Kennedy sons, escaped death in a plane crash as did his aide. In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated on June 5th in Los Angeles. He was 42 years old. In 1969, Edward M. Kennedy, the well-respected U.S. Senator who just passed recently, drove off a bridge at Massachusetts Chappaquiddick Island killing Mary Jo Kopechne. In 1973, Edward Kennedy, Jr. senator’s son, lost his leg to cancer. In 1984, David Kennedy, son of Robert, died of a drug overdose in Palm Beach, Florida, at the age of 28. In 1986, Patrick Kennedy, youngest son of Senator Edward Kennedy, undergoes treatment for cocaine addiction. In 1991, William Kennedy Smith, the son of June Kennedy, is accused of raping a woman in Palm Beach, Florida. He was tried and acquitted. In 1994, Rose Marie Kennedy, who was born mentally ill, was institutionalized following a failed lobotomy and died there. In 1997, Michael Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, dies in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado. In 1999, John F. Kennedy, Jr., dies in a plane crash 7-1/2 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, killing his wife and her sister. You may look at these tragedies and just chalk it up to a big family and with such a big family, tragedy will happen. Well, that’s true. However, who knows? it could be a curse upon that family! We don’t know. BUT, one thing we do know: Curses are for real. *And HERE’S A FACT: Every curse has a cause and every curse has a cure.

Trusting in man (Isaiah 31:1,3)
The reason why things are not working for you is because of where you are looking. When you look at men, you are into idolatry and idolatry is an evil trap (Deut 7: 25)
God will use men for you, but you are to focus on the source not the channel. If you delight in trusting in man, God will simply make sure that things go wrong .
Jer 17:5,6 He is permanently in a cursed ground if his heart depart from God. His devilling place will lack adequate refreshing. He will be blind to golden opportunities that are passing daily.
*The glory of God can not be shared with mortal men, therefore choose ye this day whom you in tend to trust— God or Man.

Deceitful Work (Jer 48:10)
As a child of God nobody may be able to monitor you or withdraw your monthly salary.
But there is a biblical punishment. Look there is no joke in this kingdom. Imagine a member of the choir not singing because he wants the group to fumble. It is better not to work for Him than to do it with a divided heart. It is risky.
You"ll loose your reward and get a curse as a bonus.
Now these are curses from heaven, no one on earth can break it except obedience!

Judges 5:23 – Abandoning responsibility attract bitter curse. Indifference attract double curse, just as serving God attracts double honour.

Rebellion 2Sam.15:6,18:6-9,14
Absalom stole the hearts of the Israelites. God fought against him and killed him personally. Whenever you rebel,you are cutting off from your source.
Psalm 68:6
To be in a dry ground is to be fruitless and hopeless. Anything in a dry land always wither.
In the church, don’t be involved in rebellion
In your working place, play safe when people are gathering against constituted authority
If you are wise, what destroyed the people of old should not destroy you. (Num.16:1-3,9,28,29)

Wrong use of the Tongue
Speaking against fellow Christian and God’s servants can attract terrible curses
In Numbers 12:1-2, Miriam became accursed because of her tongue.
If you curse others, you are sowing a seed which you must reap. Angels will confirm it and fulfill it.
Apart from this,Negative confession is bad [Num.14:1-2,28-29]
As a result of the confession of the children of Israelthey were delayed for forty years in the wilderness!If you are not disciplined your tongue can keep you on the same spot for years so they will die. Prov. 6:2 says "Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth. ..."

3.Refusal to pay tithes
4.Dishonouring your parent
5.Repaying Good with Evil

If you will endeavour to get rid of the cause by perfect obedience and restitution(correcting the wrongs )I see God blessing you without measure in Jesus name.


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