In the first study under this topic we considered how God personally protected Moses and the believer’s right to divine protection. In this study we will continue our journey through the life of Moses.

i. WHAT IS ZEAL: zeal is the invisible force in the inner man that pushes one toward accomplishment in life. It is a necessary ingredient for achievement.
It is what makes your mission t become your meat (John 4:34). It is that thing that made Jesus an achiever (John 2:14,15,16). Even god could do nothing without zeal (Isaiah 9:6-7).
(a) ZEAL FOR POWER: Acts8:9-20
To be thirst for power of god is good but to strive after it at all cost is suicidal. We must fist be thirsty to know him, and then we will know his power.
If you are serving god and desiring power over people, you have a wrong motive and your service is rejected.
(b) ZEAL FOR WORDS 2Tim.2:14,16,17. Titus3:9-11, Eph. 4:29
This is a type of zeal that God is not pleased with. Many Christians spend many hours arguing over anything and everything.
At the end, there will be winner and they become enemies of one another.
Christians have a bad habit of judging one another, looking for faults and highlighting them. God has not made you a guardian angel, we must mind our business. (Luke 9:52-55, matthew7:1-2) many will say they are trying to correct others but instead they crush, kill and destroy. They judge publicly to inflict shame and punishment. (Gal.6:1)
God wants us to prosper, but to zealously pursue possessions to the detriment of kingdom, business is devilish. A man’s life cannot be measured through the abundance of his possessions. (Luke21:15, 16:13). Zeal for possession is another name for covetousness. This is destructive, remember the case of Balaam.
(e) ZEAL FOR POSITION Mark10:35-37.
The sons of Zebedee were met with rebuke as they displayed zeal for position. To desire a good position is good (1timotheu 3:1), but to strive for it is bad.3john 9-11.
(f) ZEAL OF THE FLESH (zeal without knowledge) Romans10:2.
This was the zeal displayed by Moses when he was residing in Egypt (Exodus 2:11-15) as a result of it after narrowly escaping death he spent 40years in the bush.
Peter also displayed such zeal in Gethsemane garden when Jesus was arrested. (Matthew26:52, 53).


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