Charles Nobles once said, “first we make our habits, then our habits make us.” We are what we repeatedly do. And if we ever want excellence in our lives, we need to remember that it “is not an act, but a habit.” Some habits are good, others very bad and still some are of no value or eternal significance. However, to effectively impact the people around us and leave a lasting impression, we must develop good habits and do everything in our power to unlearn bad ones.
I would like to leave you with 7 Habits of highly effective Christians. By their constant practice of 7 biblical principles they do not only excel in their knowledge of God, devotion to the Lord, ministry and calling, they also effectively inspire and challenge others to personal development and growth.
7 habits of highly effective christians, the_wide_t
They give cheerfully
Their primary motivation is not what they will get out of their giving. They are more interested in being a blessing than receiving a blessing. They are kingdom driven and what ever promotes the work of the kingdom they are ready to step up.
They serve humbly
They have come to realize that God has called them to serve their generation. They are aware of the fact that every gift and talent given by the Father was given to serve others. They have come to realize that any “definition of a successful life must include serving others.” George Bush
They Pray selflessly
The only people who make a real difference in the world are those who selflessly pray for others. They almost never need to even pray for themselves because with the measure they selflessly give, they always get back in return. When they tell you “I’m praying for you” or “I will be praying for you.” they really mean it.
They Pursue God Relentlessly
A young man came to a very wise man and said, “I want to know God, teach me how.” The wise man said, “follow me and you will learn.” One day while they walked along the road, they came to a little creek and the wise man said to the young, “well, here is your first lesson – baptism.” The young man was excited and so presented himself to be baptized. Well, the wise man submerged the young man under the water but didn’t bring him up quickly, but kept him there for a while until he began to pant for air. After kicking and screaming for a while, the wise man brought him out of the water. But the young man was furious and asked if the wise man wanted to kill him. To that the wise man said, “if you want to know God you need to desperately seek him just like you were desperately seeking air when you were held under water.” Highly effective christians are desperate for God.
They live purposefully
Most highly effective christians have a plan for where they want to go. They do not, as in Paul’s words, “run like one who runs aimlessly.” They don’t, as in Celestine Chua’s words, “leave things to chance and outside world.” With the Lord’s help they take steps of faith. Though they can’t see the staircase, they take purposeful steps of faith.
They handle difficulties wisely
When life is painful and difficulties set in, they are not frantic. They are skillful at crisis management. They seek the Lord in prayer, they seek wisdom from his word, they confide in trusted friends and mentors and remain hopeful that God is able to keep what they’ve committed to him for that day. That kind of attitude is contagious.
They invest strategically
They use their time wisely. They don’t waste it on frivolous things. They use their money wisely, investing it instead of throwing it away on expensive toys. They value relationships, family, and friends. They also make themselves available to coach or mentor others, passing on valuable life’s lessons to the next generation.
I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of Christian I strive to become.  How about you?


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