Are you a lady eager to get married? Then don’t throw away your common sense.Be at alert. Get ready to discern lies and gross deception. Don’t give in to sugar coated life stories. Don’t let any man who just met you last month tell you he cannot sleep because of you! Let no one play with your emotions. Be strong and be sensitive
.2.        PRIDE:
   “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Luke 16:18
      If you think you are too much, your partner may elude you.  Don’t over estimate your beauty. Live in humility. Vashti was dethroned as a result of pride. God himself resist the proud and he giveth grace to the humble.
When you are proud, you are living outside the grace of God and apostle Paul said I am what I am by the grace of God. Without the grace of God you are useless.
A prayer less Christian is a powerless Christian.      Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation…   Matthew 26:41.
The only way to escape the trap of the devil in marriage is through effective prayer. God must be talked to; he is still directing the affairs of men.
John 16:24  “Hitherto have ye asked anything in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”
      For your joy to be full in marriage you must commune with God through effective prayer.
When you cannot discipline yourself, you may end up marrying the wrong person.
Discipline the way you relate with the members of the opposite sex.  Try to control the way you move around it is not every where you are invited to that you must go.
      Genesis 34:1-2
      “and Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land.  And when the son of hamor the hivite. Prince of the country. Saw her he took her, and laid with her, and defiled her.”
      Here, Dinah was defiled because she could not discipline herself.
Ephesians 2:6 “….and hath raised us up together, in heavenly place in Christ Jesus”.
Where you are sitting now is the heavenly place, far above principalities and power.
I have seen people complaining I don’t ant to marry a witch and eventually they end up marrying an Ogbanje, why? Because what you fear will ultimately come to pass.
Job 3:25  “for the thing which I greatly fear is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come to me.”
      1Sam. 15:22b
    “…behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams”.
If you are living in perpetual disobedience God will not be compelled to guide you. Until you obey the last instruction from heaven, you should not expect to receive any further instruction. Meanwhile, if there is no instruction there will be no direction, and if there is no direction, wrong marriage is inevitable.
            1Cor 15:3   “…be not deceived; evil communications corrupt good manner”.
            Your companion can influence you into a wrong relationship. To marry according to God’s plan therefore, you must watch the kind of friends you move with.
A wise man once said “bad company is a disease, he who lies with dogs shall rise with lice”
You have a choice. You can decide on the kind of friend you want to move with.  Remember, friendship is not by force but by choice. Refuse any attempt by anyone to “fix” you up or organize a wife for you.
8.        BLACKMAIL:
You do not imprison yourself because of your past experience.  That you have been involved in immoral acts with someone and he/she is now threatening to tell everyone what you have done together is not enough reason to be wrongly married to him.
“If you don’t marry me l’ll tell everyone what you have done and I will expose you” thats cheap blackmail.
Understand that there is no saint without a past and there is no sinner without a future. To sink yourself into any unwholesome relationship because of your past is unwise.

9.           PREGNANCY
The fact that you made the mistake of getting pregnant for somebody when you were still an unbeliever and the issue of wedding has not come up between the two of you, does not means you should be coerced into marriage. If you will be patient and settled, you can still get God’s best for your life.
Try to discern what God is putting across into your mind and it shall be well.
Immoral dressing does not attract, rather it repels. It has been said that like attract like. When you are the type that will always expose your body definitely people coming to you cannot be the serious type.
Your dressing determines your company. When you always dress to kill, you will end up marrying a killer.
Exo.20:26   …Let not your nakedness be discovered.
When material things are over exposed, they lose value. When you always dress like an harlot definitely you will end up marring an adulterer.
To marry someone because you  pity him/her and believe  that, that is the only way you can help him is wrong. Marriage is not a pity ride, it is a life and death issue.
12.        WAY OF ESCAPE
Never get into marriage as a means of escaping family pressure, financial responsibility and social insult. Marriage is honorable when you enter into it at the right time. Settle down what the mind of God is concerning your life for now, then go ahead  and take the necessary steps.   In the name of Jesus you will laugh.
Vowing that you will marry the first person to  have sex with you is not only rash but senseless. You must not be involved in what you will forever regret. Furthermore all those childish blood licking between two people,should not force you into eternal bondage.You can always call on spiritual leaders to conduct  deliverance for yo
Understand that just as your parent doesn’t have the power to choose for you, so also is your pastor.
No pastor should dictate to you, who should be your wife/ husband. You can be counseled, he can advice you, but you have the final say.
Look, you must hearken to pastoral counseling because they are in the best position to correct you when you are going astray, but your pastor doesn’t have the power to choose for you.
15.         PASSION FOR SEX
If your major drive for marriage is sex, and sex only, you will end up marrying the available and not the responsible.
With sex as your only focus, it will only take six month after wedding before you realize that marriage is no fantasy.


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