If you come to the world and die as a non achiever, it would have been  better if you had not come. If you are a believer, your world is waiting for your manifestation. (Romans 8:19).
Ecclesiastes 6:3-4.  It is possible to live long and not live well.
Many children is not many goodies. If you exist and have no name in your generation, a miscarried fetus is better than you.
Text:Psalm 37: 18-19, 21
The righteous shall be satisfied in famine: – not with empty pocket.
The righteous giveth: – How can he give what he does not have?
That bring us to the issue of money. Money is important, hunger is bad (Proverbs 27:7)
There are 2,350 verses on money and possession in the Bible. God has more to reveal on money than on angels & demons.

7 Skills of Money

1.     Value it
What you don’t value, you don’t attract.To value, means to take good care of, ask questions about. It should not just go to anywhere, anyhow, you must calculate it.
John 13:29 – Jesus had one person to handle money affairs.
If you don’t value money, you can’t appreciate it. And whatever you don’t appreciate will dissociate from you.
N10,000.00 to some has no value. But with that you can start – a publishing house, mini bookshop or some sorts of buying and selling!
2.      Control it
When you value something you don’t allow it to waste. You control your money basically by having a storehouse – an account.
Not under your pillow or mattress. To control your money means you control your spending.
Avoid purchases you never plan. If you want to go to the market, write what you want to buy! Avoid impulsive purchases. Don’t take your children along or a covetous helper!
Luke 15:13-14
        He didn’t control his spending, he entered into want.
3.      Make it:
         Traditionally there are four types of income:
a)       Earned Income:  Salaries, allowances, profit.   Exodus 2:9
b)      Passive Income:   Properties for rentage, royalties, etc.Matthew 25: 14-17
c)       Portfolio Income:  Shares, Fixed deposit, Mutual funds etc. Mark 4:26-29
d)      Divine Income:  I Kings 3:3–5, 10:4,10
Concerning earned income, you must beware of Salaries – salaries are not forever.
Rf  Genesis 31:5–7, Genesis 30 :32
You must learn from Jacob and be your own boss.
When money is to be generated: 3 raw materials are needed
i.        Information. Ecclesiastes 10:15
ii.        Ideas – Tithes open up windows of heaven so great ideas could come to you
iii.        Action    Matthew 17:27 – Go to the sea (stop sleeping, act).
4.     Save it:
         After making money, the next thing is not spending money
The money that comes to you is not the issue, the amount you keep is what matters.
Joseph said after the 7 years of plenty, there shall arise 7 years of famine.
Genesis 41:29-31
To cancel the famine, they are to open store houses – so the land will not perish.
Saving may be very difficult, but people have fashioned some forced method of savings. E.g. Local Cooperative Banking System, Target Savings (Pay slip deduction) Daily contribution, Personal Savings / Private Contribution System
Importance of Savings (Prov 21:20)
a)   Money base for investment
b)   Development of self-control in other areas
c)   It imparts prosperity consciousness
d)   Money magnetizes more money.
You don’t become rich to save, you save to become rich.
5.      Invest It:
When you work for money, you survive – when your money work for you, you lives!
Rf Genesis 26:12/Genesis 26:2–3,12,14
While Isaac was sowing, others were eating.
When Isaac was reaping, others were weeping.
Isaac first entered into arable farming before diversifying into Livestock to get multiple streams of income.
6.      Shied It
        You must protect your money, your investment, your business
i   Don’t make your relatives your staff member. In business you should be able to hire and fire.
ii.       Avoid Financial Diarrhea. Don’t spend all your money.
  • Never try to show off socially when you are still struggling.
  • Don’t rent bigger house because your income increased.
  • Don’t use excessive money to organize party.
  • Don’t spend your savings during festivals.
Lets talk about Debt
Borrowing is a two edged sword. It can raise you, it can crush you. Debt is like a loaded gun, it can help you, it can kill you.
There is bad debt, there is good debt. Good debt makes you rich and bad debt makes you poor.
Is borrowing a sin – No. But what of Romans 13:8 ? It means borrowing with no intention to pay
1.      The axe head was borrowed by sons of the prophet. II Kings 6:5. It is a good debt, because it’s to be used for construction.
2.      II Kings4:3, Elisha told the widow to borrow vessel for the miraculous.
3.      Jesus borrowed the guest chamber for the Passover. Luke 22:11
Why people go into avoidable debts:
i.        Greed and covetousness. Proverbs 15:2,7(NIV)
ii.       Wrong concept of asset/liabilities
asset is now defined as anything that bring money to your pocket
liability is anything that take money out of your pocket
iii.      Inability to recognize debt traps
  • Work place credit traps
  • Loan from shylock money lenders
  • Corner shop
  • Office loan – for liabilities.


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