The righteous shall flourish like palm tree, he shall rove up like Cedar “Psalm 92:12”
The righteous is destined to flourish ie prosper,increase,succeed,etc.But not all righteous people are flourishing.WHY?
Lets discuss some two  obstacles to abundant living.

          There are four groups of people with income.
Grp1 … Self Employed          Grp2  … Employees          Grp3… Business Owners
Grp4 … Investors
To genuinely flow in abundance you have to be a business owner / investor.      Some people know this but they are full of excuses.
  •  Excuses for remaining jobless, when there are jobs to do in order to begin to earn something!
  •  Excuses for not saving because of the size of what you are earning, it’s a lie.“every fruit have a seed for another fruit”
How can you eat everything? You are expected to eat the fruit and sow the seed.
Luke 14 : 17 – 21
All things  were ready but excuses kept them of inheritance (Proverb 22:13)

2.       STEALING
          Another obstacle is stealing. Stealing is of two types:
Physical stealing. Proverb 13:11, Jeremiah 17:11
As far as this kingdom is concern when you steal you will decrease.
Not immediately, but ultimately. Forging of receipts, writing expenses you never incurred all these amount to stealing. Zech 5: 3 – 4

Spiritual Stealing
No tithing or false tithes. Malachi 3:9 – 11
When you live righteously, you are free from embarrassment. It is true we are not under law, yes but we are under the law of Christ Romans 8: 12
The law of tithing came before the Commandment
Christ approved it in Matthew 23: 23.
Tithing is not optional: Even when it seems God is blessing you: you are not where God want you to be yet. You are going higher – don’t delay yourself by dodging tithe

You know what: everyone pays tithe, but only few pay theirs to God. The devil has special ways of collecting his tithe.
1.  Sickness
2. Loss of Money
3.  Disappearance  of investment
4. Over paying people
5. Wrong Purchases
6.  Frequent damage of electronics, cars, motorcycles etc.
You have a choice
Deuteronomy 15:11 / Matthew 26:11; Matthew 25: 35 – 40


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