There is always a higher level that you should be operating than the one you are presently.
Unfortunately, many ministers are not aware of this truth. And some who are aware are not doing
anything practically to help them operate on a higher level.  Too many have finished their ministry at
one level, whereas God desire that they move to a higher level. A proper understanding of the law of
levels will sound as a wake up call to very many of us.  Paul understood the law of levels very well
that he was ready to give up anything so as to go up.  A higher ground or level is waiting for you.
A.     Biblical Foundation for the Law of Levels: Genesis 22:1-2, Deut. 8:1-3
 Walking with God is a long and winding process. God’s character is to take us                       systematically up. He doesn’t reveal everything to us at once.  He test and tried us before trusting us the more.  At every stage of our growth, we get tested. Testing always precede promotion. The problems, hunger, conflict and misunderstandings we pass through are evidences of His testing.  “If God love you dearly, He will hurt you deeply”.

B.     Facts Concerning Law of Level: Psalm 66:10 - 12
+       There is a level, stage or scale you are operating in now.
+       On a scale of 1 - 10, you are stuck at one level now.
+       Moving up requires passing a test.
+       God’s will is that you rise up to your maximum potential.
+       God doesn’t deliver from problems, but in problems.
+       God doesn’t reveal everything that will happen to you.
+       Every leader must pass a test before he can move up.
+       Self-promotion or promotion by others can never replace divine promotion.
+       The calling of God is not the sending of God.
+       The more you are willing to give up, the more you will go up.
+       God’s promotion is not by elevator but by the ladder.
+       God test ministers and leaders in different ways.

C.     Different Levels in Different Areas: I Cor. 13:2
          Relationship with God     -        servant, son, friend, favourite level.

          Vision                             -        local, national, international vision.

          Faith                               -        saving, sanctifying, possibility thinking and
                                                          mountain moving faith.

          Anointing                        -        ankle, knee, waist or overflowing level.

          Impact                            -        good , better, best, excellence

          Life                                 -        person, partner, parent and pastor.

          Inner working of God       -        normal, supernatural, mightily.

          Miraculous                      -        normal, special, creative miracles.

          Success                          -        survival, stability, success, significance.

          Organisation                             -        viability, credibility, stability, expansion.

          Finance                           -        poor, rich, wealthy, comfortable and flourishing
          Growth                           -        addition, increase, multiplication, expansion.
          Leadership                      -        micro, mezzo, macro levels.

          Obedience                       -        casual, prompt, unquestionable and complete.

You always choose the level you will operate in by your level of obedience, learning and teachable spirit.  Self discipline and sacrificial living also plays a big role. At every level you desire to operate, there is a price to pay. God will never give you more than you can handle or pay for.

D.    Why many are stuck at a Level: Genesis 25:29 - 34
 @      Ignorance of their level.
@      Failure to pass God’s test.
@      Lack of willingness to move up.
@      Feeling of having “Arrived”.
@      Indiscipline and pleasure loving
@      Loss of learning, teachable and broken spirit.

E.     Dangers of Getting Stuck at a Level
Below are some of the dangers of staying in a level for too long and getting stuck
+       Arrested growth and increase
+       Struggling and lack of fruit.
+       Limited impact and influence.
+       Expired favour
+       Historical success
+       Being overtaken
+       Abuse, rejection and forgotten
+       Suffering, want and downward spiral.

To avoid these awful dangers, we must embrace the good benefits of moving up to higher levels with the Lord.  They are: New favour,  influence; ministry made easy; more answers to prayers; more fulfillment of God’s promises; leaving a lasting legacy and ability to influence more people for the Lord.

F.     Laws of Higher Levels: I Samuel 2:4 - 8
 God is the ultimate leader that promotes His people to higher levels. However, He doesn’t just promote whimsically. He is not a prodigal God.  Whoever wants to operate on a higher level must earn the right to be promoted through obeying these laws:-
 1.       Commitment to God, His word and work
2.       Integrity, dependability and trustworthy.
3.       Godly character no matter what.
4.       Courage to stand for what is right.
5.       Obedient, teachable and learning spirit.
6.       Conformity with God’s will in everything.
7.       Desire to please God and glorify Him only.
8.       Hunger, thirst for more of God and His power.
9.       Continuous personal growth and development.
10.     Prayerfulness, seeking of God’s face.
11.     Willingness to sacrifice and give up more.


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