From the following  texts you are to know whom you are(Rev 1:6, Rev 5:10 Luke 22:28-29, 1Peter 2:9).If you are saved,the scriptures says you are a king and a priest.Lets look at the charcteristics of priest and kings so we can identify with their qualities and basic responsibilities.

Characteristics of Priests

1.    They are consecrated to the Lord (once a priest forever a priest):Christianity is an everlasting engagement.You cant be a temporary believer.Once you are in ,you are forver in.There is no provision for your backlisliding.If you slid back,God will lose interest.Once your hand is on the plough there is no looking back.Little wonder in the armour of God described in Ephesians 6;there is no weapon covering our back...because we are expected to be advancing always...not going back and thus turning our back to the devil.
2.    Holy unto the Lord Exodus 28:36:The inscription on the chest of the priest is holiness unto the Lord.As christians,holy living is not optional,it is compulsory.We are to walk with the Lord,running away from sin and pursuing after righteousness.
3.    He is to be close to God – Under the old covenant the priest prays and sacrifices on behalf of the people...carrying the name of all the tribes Ex 28:9-10.Born again christians are to walk closely with God,and interceed for the people always.That is how to function as a new covenant priest
4.    They are custodians of the urim and thumim (divine guidance) Ex 28:30. The priest carry urim and thumim...these are two "stones" borne on the chest pocket and employed to know the mind of God.  A chid of God is expected to know the mind of God....of course we dont carry any yes or no stone,because we now have the Holy Spirit.
5.    The priest have access into the most holy where tthe ark of testimony is.The new testament priest is entitled to the secrets of God.
6.    The Priests have daily morning duty. Lev 6:12,13.As a believer you must seek the fire of God,His protective cover,his instructions etc every morning.

Characteristics of Kings
1.    They have authority in their kingdom. Luke 10:19 Prov 30:32.As a king God has given you authority in this kingdom.Whatever you bind on earth is bind in heaven.
2.    Kings power is in their tongue – proclamation and decree Ec 8:4 If you must function well as a king you cant afford to be a silent believer.If you dont make sounds you cant see signs.
3.    Kings don’t prostrate to people. Rather,the people bow before them even if they are young in age.As a redeemed child of God you are the head not the tail.
4.    It is abomination for kings to do wickedness. It is an insult unto him integrity Prov16:2.You are expected to walk in uprightness and integrity.
5.    Kings clothing  is different from that of the multitude.As children of the most are entitled to divine decoration.Shame is not part of the covenant
6.    Kings don’t mourn/weep.Thats why the Bible says...rejoicealways and I say rejoice.

Let me close by emphasizing it thet it is impossible to be a secret priest or king. Kings and priests are publicly announced.You cant say I dont want people to know Im a christian!That is a paradox.You are public personality.The world is reading you like an epistle.You must therefore walk worthy.(Ephesians 4:1)


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