Hosea 4:14
....therefore the people that does not understand shall fall.
Then cheapest way to fall in Christendom is to remain without understanding. Lack of understanding keeps people in bondage (John 8:32)
Prayer is no substitute for it. Fasting has its place but you can’t use it to displace understanding.
Prov 16:12—literally, understanding issues out life (Ps 119:1440
Prov. 20:16 – without understanding you are a dead man. This is why the scripture admonishes us saying with all thy getting get understanding.

Who Is Your Enemy?

Fundamentally, the devil is your eternal enemy. He is a  sworn enemy of all the children of God. He pursued after Adam & Eve in the beginning. He attacked the last Adam. He is busy looking around for you too!
According to 1Peter 5:8,the devil is  “eager to devour”
Practically, the devil also manipulates some human agents to rise against you. Ps 124:2, 86:14, Mt 10:17
Who are these human agents

1.    Anyone who wants to distract you from God. Deut 13:6, 8, 9
2.    Anyone who is not happy about your progress Ezra 4:1-5
3.    Anyone who is not happy about your life assignment Neh 4:1
4.    Anyone or group of people that speaks against you Psalm 71:10, Ps 94;21
5.    Anyone who want to kill your desire or frustrate your vision e.g David brother, Joseph brethren’s  (1Sam17:28)0
6.    Sometimes your enemies will be your relatives or friends (Mt10:36)

Important Things To Know About Your Enemy
1.    Anything good always have an enemy. Your enemy are so much because your future is bright.
Consider the attack of Adam and Jesus. Adam would have lived forever, Jesus was ordained to destroy the works of the devil.
2.    Your enemy may enter your life firstly, as a friend Ps 41:9.

 Delilah entered as a future partner. Judas came as a disciple, the serpent came in a s a concerned neighbour.
3.    Your enemies are not barricades, they are bridges. Your enemy is a door, not a well. They help you cross from one level of glory to another level.
Ps 23:4 Inside that lion, there is honey.
4.    Your enemies are to be fought, not to be feared.
Eph 6:10, 11
You will always be fighting. Nno one outgrows the enemy. The day all your enemies are no longer around, your progress stops. Ps 119:98b
5.    You will not be allowed to suffer defeat if you are obedient
Deut 20:4 Joshua 7:11-12, 2Chr 20:15b, 176.
6.    When confronting your enemy be careful of your utterances Prov 6:2
⦁    Don’t confess fear
⦁    Don’t reveal publicly the amount of damage done by the enemy until it has become a testimony.
⦁    The serpent got through into the life of Adam and Eve through what looked like discussion
⦁    David kept Goliath talking so he could target his forehead
7.    Your weapon against your enemy is the word of God& your word guided by the Holy Spirit
Eph 6:17, Is 59:19 Jesus used the word of God against the devil

Last word: Luke 21:15


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