We are on a journey, so long a journey. You and I cannot afford to travel with dry engine. You need oil for the journey.
Jesus needed it before he began his earthly assignment. He got it by the River of Jordan.
Oil is available only for those who are ready. Many were by Jordan, only Jesus received the oil.
When I am talking about oil, I mean the oil(fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit) that will be on your head day and night—not only in the church.
John 1:33
 And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.
The perfect will of God is not for the oil to come upon you momentarily but that it also REMAIN on you! The sad story however is that a lot of believers have little or no oil.They are spiritually dry. In the coming year you cant afford to be dry spiritually.What are the causes of spiritual dryness.

Causes of Spiritual dryness
1. The nature of our journey: Num 21:4, Exodus 13;17, 18
   The journey is long.The journey is ridiculed by men.The way is not popular.As such there is the possibility of weariness,loss of interest and loneliness .
2.  Our environment Ps 57:4
The people we live with can drain us dry.According to the word in Hosea 7:9 strangers can devour our strenght! We are sheep among wolves. We need something extraordinary to survive.
3.     Pleasure 1Tim 5:6, 2Peter 2:13
Your destiny is under pressure, if you relax in pleasure you will lose the unction.Woe unto them that are at ease in Zion.
 4.     Continuous disobedience to God Psalm 66:3
      The rebel dwells in a dry land.That is a divine law.You cannot be refreshed by heaven if you live under daily disobedience to the Holy Spirit.
5.     Direct attack of the enemy 1Kings 19:4
When there is spiritual attack,wearisome warfare and prolong conflict dryness can be the immediate result!

Meanwhile, you can’t survive without this oil.
Let’s look at this vision Zech 4:11-12
The lesson is that without the oil there will be no light.When light is absent,darkness automatically prevails.
What the oil does(Psalm 89:20-)
·        a.The oil is necessary for the light, we are the light, we can’t shine without the oil.
·        b.It helps the vehicle of your destiny.
·        c.It heals your wound very fast. Luke 10:34
·        d.Oil commands people's love and favour. Sos 1:3
·        e.Oil makes you attractive Psalm 104:15
·        f.It commands goodness and mercy Psalm 23

How will the oil come
1.The word Deut 32:9-13
Oil is from the rock, the rock must be broken. The rock means -- the word. You break the word by studying, meditating and application. According to Job 28:6;if you live by the word oil will come
2. Love of righteousness Psalm 45:7-8
3.Pay for it

In the parable of the ten virgins,everyone is directed to go and buy oil.If you really know that you cant survive without the oil of the holy Spirit,you must  pay the price on your knees.Pay for it and preserve it.Actually,after paying for ityou wont lose it easily. It is what you don’t pay for that you play with. Buy books, buy tapes.Fast,wait, seek, knock, ask.Buy tapes.And remember.tapes won’t profit you until you listen to it over and over again.John Haggai said |"the book that revolutionize my life I read it 13x. I read a chapter 100 times". A tape must be listened to six times before you can internalize the idea.


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