Coming to church is not the ultimate in our Christian walk.The real issue is are you stable in Christ?
The beginning of a solid testimony in Christ is the new birth experience.
In Gods eyes  if you are saved, you are not relevant.
Remember the ark of Noah; for 120yrs the ark was open to anyone willing to enter.But when divine patience expired, he closed the ark.
Don’t let the ark close against you. Enter and stay inside.
Inside the ark is the only place where you have value. You
can see how He destroyed the people outside the ark without mercy.
When the salvation issue is settled others becomes easy.Here are two pillars of solid spiritual testimony.
1.Desire Spiritual Growth
As a child, if after 3years you are still crawling, your parents will be extremely worried. The neighbors see the child as abnormal, a stigma, a pitiable entity. A child that cannot be celebrated.
In similar fashion, some are in church who have become source of concern to their pastors and to the Lord! You must grow up.
How Do You Grow?
a. Strive to know more: Ask questions, read books, buy tapes, study the scriptures more and attend teaching meetings. He that increaseth knowledge increaseth strength.
b. Serve more: Service is a form of spiritual exercise and an avenue for growth and exposure.
Even if you are a worker and its like you are being under-utilized, go to leaders like Isaiah and say “Here am I, send me”.
c. Examine yourself regularly and improve steadily
2. Avoid Wrong Friends:
When you befriend liars, you will start exaggerating. Your old friends may not necessarily be the best of friends. Twenty kids cannot play, for twenty years. Law of Progress and Law of status will separate them.
There are two sets of people in that story
i.Those eager to hear the Word
ii.Those washing their nets in regret and frustration
What was it that made Peter t have testimony:Change Of Association.
In life, there are many net washers and quitters. Leave them. Dissociate yourself from them.
He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.
In your journey and walk in life even in church :you will meet people who are going nowhere, life destroyers and vision killers who are looking for roommates. Run from them.
Genesis 22:5
He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.”
They journeyed together to a junction, then they separated into destiny and testimonies.
That you started together does not mean you will end together. You must be bold to tell some people …stop following me.
If Abraham had gone ahead with those young men, they will think he needed psychiatric treatment.
Stop them or they will stop you and your consecration and even your destiny.


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