The impact of life cannot be measured by its length alone. Many are living long but are not living well. Methuselah lived for 969 years. Joseph lived 100 years. Methuselah had no record of any outstanding achievement. Joseph was a great man by all standards!

You must make up your mind to pursue a better future.
Be careful of this thing we call future because usually people don’t know when it comes.
-                     Today was the future you spoke to in year 2004.
-                     But now we call it today!

The future arrives second by second! And when it comes it is called today. Here are 7ingredients that you will need for a sure tomorrow    

1.       Other people knowledge. Prov 24 : 3-4
The root of every man’s problem is ignorance and the secret of triumph is knowledge.
A man stooling blood may begin to go from one herbalist to another. He may go from a prayer house to another thinking it is an affliction from his stepmother! Meanwhile a correct dosage of Metronidazole (Flagyl®)  will take it off like a miracle!

There is no substitute for knowledge, prayers cannot take its place!

Other People Knowledge can be contacted from books /messages/seminars etc.  One of the world richest men “Richard Branson” attained his height of success by reading a little book titled “Small is Beautiful”. His business empire began to grow because of lessons learned!
OPK can save you from waste of money / time and effort.

2.       Other People Failure.          I Cor. 10: 11
          Samson became an example of failure because of wrong choice of wife. This is enough lesson for those who are yet to marry.

You should not ridicule those who have failed, rather make their experience your teacher, you can observe failed lives, marriages, relationship etc. Look at their mistakes and avoid them!

If  a man ahead of you falls into a ditch, the next thing to do is not to repeat what you just saw! Look at Lot, Esau and Gehazi.

4.       Other People Ideas:
You may need to look at other people’s idea that led them into success.
How did they react in times of trials? That is why you may need to read a lot of biographies. The secret of men is in their stories.

5.       Other People Money: 2 Kings 4: 1-7
          The widow in that  was told to secure her neighbors vessels. Borrow to invest, don’t borrow to spend!God has planted helpers all around you like the sycamore tree on the path of Zaccheaus.Your responsibility is to locate them and ask them for help!

6.       Other People Anointing: Hosea 12:13,  2 Chr 20: 20
          There are challenges you may face in which you will need the anointing of your pastor.          There are people God placed in your life to speak into your life when it matters.
You tap into such anointing by sowing seed into your pastors’ life. It is called prophet’s offering.

7.       Other People’s Influence / Credibility:
          When Nehemiah was going to build the wall of Jerusalem he took a letter from the king who was then his direct boss.
-                     Have you heard “whose son is he”
This is why you must not bang any door when you are going out, close it gently! Each person you know, knows someone who can help you!

As you face your future,I prophesy that you will succeed,you will have multiple testimonies and break generational records in Jesus mighty name.(Refer to for more messages)


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